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#TitlePredictedWeeklySites+/- Sites
1Taking...Pelham 123$32.738NEW3074-
3The Hangover$28.014-38%335586
4Imagine That$13.085NEW3008-
5Night at the Museum 2$8.833-40%3365-442
6Land of the Lost$8.305-56%353413
7Star Trek$5.408-35%2638-564
8Terminator Salvation$4.041-51%2650-654
9Angels & Demons$3.593-45%2436-489
10Drag Me to Hell$3.519-50%2270-240
Predicted Top 10: $136.5MTop 10 Last Year: $174.9MTop 10 Two Years Ago: $137.8M
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