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What is BOFC?  Box Office Forecast Challenge (BOFC) is an online movie box office game that you can play every week for every movie that is opening wide (as opposed to a few select cities).

How Do You Play?   Predict the Friday - Sunday daily box office grosses for the given movie. The player with the closest predictions to the actual box office grosses wins. Take note that only your daily gross forecasts are counted in the game. Your predicted total does not play a part in the challenge.

Weekly Results.  Weekly results are usually announced on the Monday afternoon/evening after each weekend. Check back frequently to the BOFC. Winners will be notified by email soon after the top players chart has been posted.


Calculating A Prediction.  Let's say Chicken Run  was opening this weekend and was the film that you needed to predict. Approach the game in the same way as you'd do so for predicting the movie's weekend total. Calculate what you think the film will gross over the whole weekend and then work backwards.

Take For Example.  You think Chicken Run will make $17.2 million for the entire weekend. Considering the movie targets both young and adult crowds, it's likely that it will have a substantial Saturday increase in ticket sales and also has had good reviews and nice buzz. Knowing this, you then predict that its Friday gross would be about $5.2 million, Saturday - $7.4 million and Sunday - $4.6 million. Adding the three figures up, it comes out to exactly $17.2 million.  The actual gross turns out to be $17.5 million so this prediction is very close.  Each day's accuracy is taken into account, however, you are well on your way to winning a DVD.


How Do You Go About Calculating Results?
Let's say you predicted $8.0 million and the movie grosses $10.0 million on Friday. The procedure goes as follows: the absolute value of Friday's gross minus the actual divided by the actual {ABS. $8.0 - 10.0. / 10 x 100) = 20% off}  That calculates the percentage off for Friday and the same procedure is done for Saturday and Sunday and all three %'s are added up. Your percentage off represents for all three days combined.



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