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   2007 1st Season
   Fall/Holidays 06 [ended]
   Late Summer [ended]
   Early Summer [ended]
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Q: How do I play?
A: Predict the DAILY WEEKEND grosses of upcoming movies.  The emphasis is on the accuracy of each day's predictions unlike most other prediction games.  Click here for more info.

Q: Why do I need a LoginTicket thing to play?
Your LoginTicket is simply a username and password that allows to to access many features on Lee's Movie Info including Box Office Forecast Challenge.  It will allow you to save all of your information including predictions and results automatically.

Q: The actual weekend gross is $21.0 mil and I predicted $20.7 mil, why does it say I was 45% off when I'm clearly extremely close? 
A: BOFC is a daily prediction game.  The accuracy of your Friday gross is added to the accuracy of your Saturday and Sunday grosses giving a total daily accuracy for the weekend.  Your score is broken up into Weekend and Daily accuracy.  You have to be accurate for each day in order to win, not just for the total weekend. 

Q: How Do I Win Points?
A: You win points based on the accuracy of your prediction.  Accuracy is determined using the following formula:
abs (Your Prediction - Actual Gross) / Actual Gross * 100 = Accuracy%

Daily total accuracy and point conversion.
0 - 15.0% = 10
>15.0 - 25.0 = 7
>25.0 - 45.0 = 5
>45.0 - 75.0 = 3
>75.0 = 1

Weekend total accuracy is listed below (% is percentage off).
0 - 1.0% = 10 points
>1.0 - 3 = 7 points
>3.0 - 5 = 5 points
>5.0 - 10 = 3 points
>10.0 = 1 point

Q: Do I have to play the bonus rounds? 
A: nope, only if you want extra points.

Q: Can I lose points?
A: read carefully, for some of our new features, you are betting your points.  If you lose the bet, those points will be lost.  Currently though, there is no way to lose points.

Q: My point total is wrong.  How do I fix it?
A: Please email movman5@aol.com with the nature of the problem.  Mention you are missing points, how many, and if you know, from which challenge. 

Q: I'm having a problem with the site and this page isn't helping me.  What should I do?
A: Email movman5@aol.com  for help.


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