Lee's Accuracy (covers 1019 opening weekend releases) Lee BOFC HSX
TitlePredictionActual$ Off% Off
For Colored Girls$22.271$19.4972.7714.23
Mega Mind$51.075$46.0175.0610.99
Jackass 3-D$32.813$50.354-17.5434.83
Red (2010)$17.740$21.761-4.0218.48
Case 39$6.080$5.3510.7313.63
Let Me In$8.181$5.1473.0358.93
The Social Network$21.198$22.446-1.255.56
Resident Evil IV$29.308$26.6502.669.97
The Last Exorcism$17.388$21.300-3.9118.37
Lottery Ticket$9.766$0.0169.7599.99
Vampires Suck$16.327$0.00316.3299.99
Eat, Pray, Love$23.577$23.1050.472.04
Scott Pilgrim$11.695$10.6101.0910.23
The Expendables$33.191$34.825-1.634.69
Step Up 3-D$17.410$15.8121.6010.10
The Other Guys$30.486$35.543-5.0614.23
Cats & Dogs 2$19.081$0.00919.0799.99
Charlie St. Cloud$11.832$12.382-0.554.44
Dinner for Schmucks$22.269$23.528-1.265.35
Ramona and Beezus$6.662$7.810-1.1514.70
The Sorcerer's Apprentice$29.584$17.62011.9667.90
Grown Ups$40.111$40.507-0.400.98
Knight & Day$22.461$20.1402.3211.52
The A-Team$41.171$25.66915.5060.39
The Karate Kid (2010)$33.517$55.666-22.1539.79
Get Him to the Greek$16.581$17.571-0.995.63
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NOTE: Chart uses Lee's final predictions (typically posted Thursday night), HSX's halt prices (halted at 1PM ET Friday; halt price / multiplier = predicted weekend; multiplier typically = 2.8), and BOFC's mean average (closed at 11:59PM ET the day of release).
* Average covers the openers listed above, not overall.

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