BOFC's Accuracy (covers 520 opening weekend releases) Lee BOFC HSX
TitlePredictionActual$ Off% Off
Casino Royale$39.934$40.833-0.892.20
Happy Feet$39.183$41.533-2.345.66
A Good Year$9.447$3.7215.7299.99
Stranger Than Fiction$15.474$13.4112.0615.38
The Return$8.288$4.4793.8085.04
Flushed Away$18.891$18.8140.070.41
The Santa Clause 3$25.066$19.5045.5628.52
Saw 3$34.037$33.6100.421.27
Flags of Our Fathers$14.105$10.2453.8637.68
Marie Antoinette$5.033$5.361-0.326.11
The Prestige$12.388$14.801-2.4116.30
Grudge 2$29.682$20.8258.8542.53
Man of the Year$9.400$12.299-2.8923.57
The Marine$5.982$7.138-1.1516.18
Employee of the Month$10.403$11.407-1.008.80
Texas Chainsaw...2$24.447$18.5085.9332.09
The Departed$24.425$26.887-2.469.16
Open Season$25.772$23.6242.149.10
School for Scoundrels$13.000$8.6024.3951.13
The Guardian$18.474$18.0060.462.60
Jackass: Number Two$22.910$29.002-6.0921.00
Everyone's Hero$5.833$6.062-0.223.77
Gridiron Gang$18.438$14.4154.0227.91
The Black Dahlia$11.046$10.0061.0410.40
The Last Kiss$4.910$4.6280.286.10
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NOTE: Chart uses Lee's final predictions (typically posted Thursday night), HSX's halt prices (halted at 1PM ET Friday; halt price / multiplier = predicted weekend; multiplier typically = 2.8), and BOFC's mean average (closed at 11:59PM ET the day of release).
* Average covers the openers listed above, not overall.

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