HSX's Accuracy (covers 535 opening weekend releases) Lee BOFC HSX
TitlePredictionActual$ Off% Off
See No Evil$4.164$4.581-0.419.10
The Da Vinci Code$72.693$77.073-4.385.68
Just My Luck$10.343$5.6924.6581.71
An American Haunting$5.529$5.783-0.254.39
Mission: Impossible III$65.064$47.74317.3236.28
Akeelah and the Bee$8.029$6.0112.0133.57
Stick It$6.011$10.803-4.7944.36
United 93$17.561$11.4786.0853.00
American Dreamz$8.868$3.6675.2099.99
Silent Hill$20.986$20.1520.834.14
The Sentinel$14.300$14.367-0.060.47
Scary Movie 4$35.529$40.222-4.6911.67
The Wild$17.511$9.6847.8280.82
Friends with Money$3.453$3.1790.278.62
Lucky Number Slevin$8.607$7.0321.5722.40
Phat Girlz$4.650$3.1101.5449.52
Take the Lead$12.629$12.0510.574.80
The Benchwarmers$16.400$19.656-3.2516.56
Basic Instinct 2$7.046$3.2013.8499.99
Ice Age 2$56.639$68.004-11.3616.71
Inside Man$24.111$28.954-4.8416.73
Larry the Cable Guy$6.450$6.922-0.476.82
Stay Alive$7.529$10.726-3.1929.81
She's the Man$10.982$10.7300.252.35
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NOTE: Chart uses Lee's final predictions (typically posted Thursday night), HSX's halt prices (halted at 1PM ET Friday; halt price / multiplier = predicted weekend; multiplier typically = 2.8), and BOFC's mean average (closed at 11:59PM ET the day of release).
* Average covers the openers listed above, not overall.

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