What is LoginTicket?

LoginTicket is your one stop identification system for Lee's Movie Info.  Sure it's great being anonymous, but there's a lot of cool features to be gained when you personalize your LMI experience.  It's fast, easy and best of all - Free.
  • Play Box Office Forecast Challenge (BOFC) where you predict the box office grosses for a chance to win prizes like DVDs.
  • Automatically entered in the BOFC Season Challenge where players compete for big movie prizes.
  • Post messages on pages throughout the site and be able to post and receive private messages to and from other users.
  • Rate movies and build a list of those you like and those you hate.
  • ReviewMatch with LMI's critics to see which one's match your tastes.
  • Publish reviews to back up your ratings.
  • Critique other visitor's reviews.
  • Add DVDs to your wish list and your owned collection list.
  • Autologin - no need to keep logging in again and again.
  • And more exclusive features added all the time....

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