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Top Movies of 2012
The Avengers$622.2M
The Dark Knight Rises$447.9M
The Hunger Games$407.9M
007: Skyfall$304.3M
The Hobbit$302.8M
Mother of Tears
Aladdin (2019)
Avengers: Endgame
A Madea Halloween
Pet Sematary (2019)
The Big Sick
Don't Breathe
The Upside
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Chris Pine
D.J. Qualls
Christopher Nolan
Scarlett Johansson
Charlton Heston
Meghan McCandless
Cedric Yarbrough
Ever Had an Idea For a Movie? Lee's Movie Info is giving you the opportunity to pitch your idea and/or direct your own film.
Step I   Mar. 25 - May 1 Pitch Your Idea
  view pitches
Step II   May 2 - Jun. 4 Pitch Your Budget
Step III  Jun. 5 - Aug. 6 Shoot & Edit Your Film
The first two steps are open to everyone, but Step III is only for the winning director(s)
Step I  As with previous versions, anyone can submit a pitch.  The goal is to pitch an idea that a fellow visitors would be interested in directing.  Subject matter, themes, tone and location are at your discretion.  The limiting factor is the low-budget nature of the project.
Step II  Potential directors will submit their budgets and preproduction plans including the pitch they would like to use.  Anyone can submit preproduction plans, but only directors at least 18 years-old who are living in the US or Canada will qualify to direct the project.  Directors should have experience working with video or film and the ability to edit and finish the project.
Step III  LMI staff will select a director or directing team based on submitted preproduction plans and previously-produced portfolio material.  The selected director will receive $100 unconditionally and the remaining $400 to be spent according to the pre-approved budget.  

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Script Pitch 5: Step I has ended - any pitch submitted may not be included in this round.
Working Title:
The format of your pitch is up to you, but keep in mind that you're trying to sell your idea to potential directors with very limited budgets.
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If you have already registered, try reloading this page (if you have already typed in you pitch, remember to save your pitch first).

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