A big thanks to everyone who participated in this version of Script Pitch.  Although the number of entries was lower than previous versions, the quality of pitches seemed to be higher.

Below is a list of the pitches and the grades awarded by the LMI hosts.  NG means "not graded."  You can click on each title to read the full pitch and comments by Lee and Jason.  If you wish to add comments of your own, there is a form at the bottom of each pitch.

In the next week, we'll contact the authors of the top pitches to discuss production feasibility and "artistic vision."

The Top 3 Pitches

For the top three, pitches were analyzed with the following factors in order of importance: feasibility, chance of winning Amazon contest, creativity, and quality of the pitch.

Lee's Grade | Jason's Grade

Goodnight dad B- | A- Bitterwoman C+ | B-
Confessions of a...Zombie C+ | B+ The Chicken in Boston C+ | B-
33 Cents C+ | B Babe's Cursed Pizza NG | B-
Life or Death C+ | B The Moment C | B-
Beer Bottles and Flowers NG | B Fantasy Life...Mixed-Up Man NG | C+
Virtuous NG | B Reflection C+ | C+
The $2,000  expedition B- | B It's not me, it's super you. C | C
A guy cooking a lobster. B- | NG years of the teenage life NG|NG
Guess Who She is? C+ | NG Mr. Crazy Head NG|NG
Scary Movie...Remade NG|NG Melon Sized Hail NG|NG
Finish Line B-|NG Forbidden Love NG|NG
Blink Once NG|NG Function Five NG|NG
Remaining Timeline
March 27 --
April 3
Visitors can read and comment on scripts.
March 28 LMI Staff picks the top 3 finalists.
March 28 --
April 3
LMI Staff will discuss the feasibility of producing a short film with the writers of the top 3 entries.
April 4 Final screenplay announced; Production begins on short film
April 13 The final short film is uploaded to Amazon.com

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