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Born On This Day: Takeshi Kato (90 Years Ago), Michael Lonsdale (88), Bob Dylan (78), Priscilla Presley (74), Jackie Berroyer (73), Jim Broadbent (70), Jean-Pierre Bacri (68), Charles Sturridge (68), Alfred Molina (66), Kristin Scott Thomas (59), Sho Aikawa (58), Ray Stevenson (55), Greg Berlanti (47), Dash Mihok (45), Will Sasso (44), Johannes Roberts (43), Cecilia Cheung (39), Cayden Boyd (25)
Top Profiles: (1) Christopher Nolan 5% of requests
(2) Toby Hemingway (3) Chris Pine (4) Liam Neeson (5) Lee Daniels (6) Nick Nolte (7) Patrick Tatopoulos (8) Scarlett Johansson (9) Daisy Ridley (10) Polly Cusumano (11) John Hurt (12) Matthew McConaughey (13) Michael Sheen (14) Jake McDorman

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C. Thomas Howell1966-12-07
Caco Ciocler1971-09-27
Caitlin Sanchez1996-01-17
Caitlin Wachs1989-03-15
Calista Flockhart1964-11-11
Callan McAuliffe1995-06-24
Callie Thorne1969-11-20
Cam Gigandet1982-08-16
Cameron Ansell1992-11-28
Cameron Bancroft1967-05-17
Cameron Bright1993-01-26
Cameron Daddo1965-03-07
Cameron Diaz1972-08-30
Cameron Douglas1978-12-13
Cameron Richardson1979-09-11
Camilla Belle1986-10-02
Camilla Bendix1971-02-20
Campbell Scott1961-07-19
Candela Peña1973-07-14
Candice Bergen1946-05-09
Candy Lo
Cannon Jay1994-05-16
Cara Buono1974-03-01
Carey Means
Carey Mulligan1985-05-28
Carice van Houten1976-09-05
Carina Lau1964-12-08
Carl Reiner1922-03-20
Carl Weathers1948-01-14
Carla Gallo1975-06-24
Carla Gugino1971-08-29
Carlos Álvarez-Novoa
Carlos Belloso
Carlos Gallardo
Carlos Mencia1967-10-22
Carlos Padilla
Carly Schroeder1990-10-18
Carmen Electra1972-04-20
Carmen Maura1945-09-15
Carmine Famiglietti
Carol Burnett1933-04-26
Carol Kane1952-06-18
Carole Bouquet1957-08-18
Caroline Aaron1952-08-07
Caroline Munro1950-01-16
Caroline Peters
Carrie Diamond
Carrie Fisher1956-10-21
Carrie Preston
Carrie-Anne Moss1967-08-21
Carrot Top1967-02-25
Cary Elwes1962-10-26
Cary Grant1904-01-18
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa1950-09-27
Casey Affleck1975-08-12
Casey Gooden
Casper Andreas
Casper Van Dien1968-12-18
Cassandra Magrath
Catalina Moreno
Cate Blanchett1969-05-14
Catherine Charlton
Catherine de Léan
Catherine Deneuve1943-10-22
Catherine Frot1956-05-01
Catherine Jacob
Catherine Keener
Catherine Kellner1970-10-02
Catherine McCormack1972-01-01
Catherine Mouchet
Catherine O'Hara1954-03-04
Catherine Zeta-Jones1969-09-25
Cathy Cavadini
Cathy Moriarty1960-11-29
Catinca Untaru
Catrin Striebeck1966-04-18
Caveh Zahedi1960-04-29
Cayden Boyd1994-05-24
Cécile De France
Cecilia Cheung1980-05-24
Cecilia Roth1956-08-08
Cedric the Entertainer1964-04-24
Cedric Yarbrough1973-03-20
Cees Geel1965-03-13
Celeste Holm1919-04-29
Celia Mojica
Celina Font
Céline Bonnier1965-08-31
Cerina Vincent1979-02-07
Chace Crawford1985-07-18
Chad Allen1974-06-05
Chad Bannon1970-11-13
Chad Donella1978-05-18
Chad Faust1980-07-25
Chad Murray1981-08-24
Chandler Williams
Chandra West1970-12-31
Chaney Kley
Channing Tatum1980-04-26
Chantal Goya1946-06-10
Chantel Valdivieso1994-06-06
Charlayne Woodard1955-12-29
Charles Aznavour1924-05-22
Charles Boyer1899-08-28
Charles Chaplin1889-04-16
Charles Dance1946-10-10
Charles Daniel Sandoval
Charles Dutton1951-01-30
Charles Gray1928-08-29
Charles Grodin
Charles Jang
Charles Mesure1970-08-12
Charles Shaughnessy1955-02-09
Charles Walters1911-11-17
Charlie Cox1982-12-21
Charlie Day1976-02-09
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Nelson
Charlie Ray1992-03-08
Charlie Sheen1965-09-03
Charline Paul
Charlize Theron1975-08-07
Charlotte Aubin
Charlotte Gainsbourg1971-07-21
Charlotte Rampling1945-02-05
Charlton Heston1924-10-04
Charlyne Yi1986-01-04
Chartchai Ngamsan
Chazz Palminteri1952-05-15
Cheech Marin1946-07-13
Chelah Horsdal1973-06-19
Chelan Simmons1982-10-29
Chen Chang1976-10-14
Chenoa Maxwell1969-11-16
Cherry Jones1956-11-21
Cheryl Hines1965-09-21
Chevy Chase1943-10-08
Chi McBride1961-09-23
Chiara Mastroianni1972-05-28
Chiara Zanni1978-07-19
Chieko Baisho1941-06-29
Chih-Ying Chu
Chimed Ohin
Ching Wan Lau1964-02-16
Chiwetel Ejiofor1976-00-00
Chloe Moretz1997-02-10
Chloë Sevigny1974-11-18
Chris Ambrose
Chris Barrie1960-03-28
Chris Bell
Chris Bowers
Chris Colfer1990-05-27
Chris Cooper1951-07-09
Chris Diamantopoulos1975-05-09
Chris Eigeman1965-03-01
Chris Elliott1960-05-31
Chris Evans
Chris Farley1964-02-15
Chris Hemsworth1983-08-11
Chris Isaak
Chris Kattan1970-10-19
Chris Kendrick
Chris Klein1979-03-14
Chris Latta1949-08-30
Chris Marquette1984-10-03
Chris Mass
Chris Noth1954-10-13
Chris O'Donnell1970-06-26
Chris O'Dowd1979-10-09
Chris O'Neil
Chris Owen1980-09-25
Chris Penn1962-06-10
Chris Pine1980-08-26
Chris Pontius1974-07-16
Chris Pratt1979-06-21
Chris Rock1966-02-07
Chris Sanders
Chris Santos1978-05-21
Chris Sarandon1942-07-24
Chris Spain
Chris Tashima
Chris Tucker1972-08-31
Chris Weitz
Christian Bale
Christian Byers
Christian Camargo
Christian Kane1974-06-27
Christian Keiber1970-02-26
Christian Meier1970-06-23
Christian Rubeck
Christian Slater
Christina Applegate1971-11-25
Christina Chambers1969-10-24
Christina Hendricks1975-05-03
Christina Milian1981-09-26
Christina Ricci1980-02-12
Christine Baranski1952-05-02
Christine Hargreaves1939-03-22
Christine Horne1981-12-14
Christine Lakin1979-01-25
Christine Taylor1971-07-30
Christoph Waltz1956-10-04
Christopher Buchholz1962-02-04
Christopher Eccleston1964-02-16
Christopher Guest1948-02-05
Christopher Lambert1957-03-29
Christopher Lawford1955-03-29
Christopher Lee1922-05-27
Christopher Lloyd1938-10-22
Christopher McDonald
Christopher Mintz-Plasse1989-06-20
Christopher Plummer 1929-12-13
Christopher Plummer1927-12-13
Christopher Reeve1952-09-25
Christopher Simpson
Christopher Walken1943-03-31
Christopher Wiehl
Christopher Wyllie
Christy Chung1970-09-19
Chuck D.1960-08-01
Chuck Taylor1979-11-29
Chulpan Khamatova1975-10-01
Chutcha Rujinanon
Chyler Leigh1982-04-10
Ciarán Hinds1953-02-09
Cicely Tyson1933-12-19
Cillian Murphy1974-00-00
Cindy Cheung
Cindy Gomez
Claire Bouanich
Claire Cox1975-00-00
Claire Danes1979-04-12
Claire Forlani1972-07-01
Claire Foy1984-04-16
Claire Holt 1988-06-11
Claire van der Boom
Clancy Brown1959-01-05
Clara Bellar
Clare Higgins
Clarence Gilyard Jr.1955-12-24
Clark Gable1901-02-01
Clark Gregg1962-04-02
Claude Baz Moussawbaa
Claude Rains1889-11-10
Claudia Cardinale1938-04-15
Claudia Gerini1971-12-18
Claudine Barretto1979-07-20
Claudio Botosso
Clayne Crawford1978-04-20
Clayton Jacobson
Clayton Snyder1987-09-09
Clé Bennett
Clea DuVall1977-09-25
Cleavon Little1939-06-01
Clémence DesRochers1933-11-23
Cliff Curtis
Clifton Collins Jr.1970-06-16
Clifton Davis1945-10-04
Clifton James1921-05-29
Clifton Powell
Clint Eastwood1930-05-31
Clint Howard1959-04-20
Clint Jordan
Clive Owen1964-10-03
Clive Scott
Cloris Leachman1926-04-30
Clotilde Courau1969-04-03
Clovis Cornillac1967-08-16
Cobie Smulders1982-04-03
Cody Linley1989-11-20
Cole Hauser1975-03-22
Cole Sprouse1992-08-04
Cole Williams
Colin Brady
Colin Farrell1976-03-31
Colin Firth1960-09-10
Colin Hanks1977-10-24
Colin Quinn
Colleen Foy
Colm Feore
Colm Meaney1953-05-30
Columbus Short
Connie Nielsen1965-07-03
Conor Donovan
Conor Dubin1976-09-05
Conrad Coates
Constance Brenneman1980-04-27
Consuelo Gómez
Corbin Allred1979-05-25
Corbin Bleu
Corey Feldman1971-07-16
Corey Glover1964-11-06
Corey Large1975-10-18
Corey Sevier1984-07-03
Corinna Harfouch1954-10-16
Cory Van Dyke
Costas Mandylor1962-09-03
Courteney Cox1964-06-15
Courtney Chase
Courtney Love1964-07-09
Craig Bierko1964-08-18
Craig Chester1965-11-05
Craig Ferguson1962-05-17
Craig Kilborn1962-08-26
Craig Marker
Craig Roberts1991-01-21
Craig Sheffer1960-04-23
Craig T. Nelson1944-04-04
Cris Lankenau
Crispin Glover1964-04-20
Cryss Adeff1987-11-18
Csaba Pindroch1972-03-19
Cuba Gooding Jr.1968-01-02
Curd Jürgens1915-12-13
Curtis Armstrong1953-11-27
Cybill Shepherd1950-02-18
Cyndi Williams
Cynthia Watros1968-09-02
Cyril Raffaelli
Cyrus Abidi

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