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Born On This Day: Christopher Lee (96 Years Ago), Louis Gossett Jr. (82), Takashi Naitô (63), Giuseppe Tornatore (62), Adam Carolla (54), Jee-woon Kim (54), Patrick Doughtie (53), Dana Ashbrook (51), Joseph Fiennes (48), Paul Bettany (47), André Benjamin (43), Chris Colfer (28)
Top Profiles: (1) Adam Sandler 5% of requests
(2) Toby Hemingway (3) Johnny Depp (4) Christopher Nolan (5) Bryan Endress-Fox (6) Megan Burns (7) Chris Pine (8) Keanu Reeves (9) Keke Palmer (10) Parminder K. Nagra (11) Linda Fiorentino (12) Jonah Hill (13) Vanessa Lengies (14) Jake McDorman

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C. Thomas Howell1966-12-07
Caco Ciocler1971-09-27
Caitlin Sanchez1996-01-17
Caitlin Wachs1989-03-15
Calista Flockhart1964-11-11
Callan McAuliffe1995-06-24
Callie Thorne1969-11-20
Cam Gigandet1982-08-16
Cameron Ansell1992-11-28
Cameron Bancroft1967-05-17
Cameron Bright1993-01-26
Cameron Daddo1965-03-07
Cameron Diaz1972-08-30
Cameron Douglas1978-12-13
Cameron Richardson1979-09-11
Camilla Belle1986-10-02
Camilla Bendix1971-02-20
Campbell Scott1961-07-19
Candela Peña1973-07-14
Candice Bergen1946-05-09
Candy Lo
Cannon Jay1994-05-16
Cara Buono1974-03-01
Carey Means
Carey Mulligan1985-05-28
Carice van Houten1976-09-05
Carina Lau1964-12-08
Carl Reiner1922-03-20
Carl Weathers1948-01-14
Carla Gallo1975-06-24
Carla Gugino1971-08-29
Carlos Álvarez-Novoa
Carlos Belloso
Carlos Gallardo
Carlos Mencia1967-10-22
Carlos Padilla
Carly Schroeder1990-10-18
Carmen Electra1972-04-20
Carmen Maura1945-09-15
Carmine Famiglietti
Carol Burnett1933-04-26
Carol Kane1952-06-18
Carole Bouquet1957-08-18
Caroline Aaron1952-08-07
Caroline Munro1950-01-16
Caroline Peters
Carrie Diamond
Carrie Fisher1956-10-21
Carrie Preston
Carrie-Anne Moss1967-08-21
Carrot Top1967-02-25
Cary Elwes1962-10-26
Cary Grant1904-01-18
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa1950-09-27
Casey Affleck1975-08-12
Casey Gooden
Casper Andreas
Casper Van Dien1968-12-18
Cassandra Magrath
Catalina Moreno
Cate Blanchett1969-05-14
Catherine Charlton
Catherine de Léan
Catherine Deneuve1943-10-22
Catherine Frot1956-05-01
Catherine Jacob
Catherine Keener
Catherine Kellner1970-10-02
Catherine McCormack1972-01-01
Catherine Mouchet
Catherine O'Hara1954-03-04
Catherine Zeta-Jones1969-09-25
Cathy Cavadini
Cathy Moriarty1960-11-29
Catinca Untaru
Catrin Striebeck1966-04-18
Caveh Zahedi1960-04-29
Cayden Boyd1994-05-24
Cécile De France
Cecilia Cheung1980-05-24
Cecilia Roth1956-08-08
Cedric the Entertainer1964-04-24
Cedric Yarbrough1973-03-20
Cees Geel1965-03-13
Celeste Holm1919-04-29
Celia Mojica
Celina Font
Céline Bonnier1965-08-31
Cerina Vincent1979-02-07
Chace Crawford1985-07-18
Chad Allen1974-06-05
Chad Bannon1970-11-13
Chad Donella1978-05-18
Chad Faust1980-07-25
Chad Murray1981-08-24
Chandler Williams
Chandra West1970-12-31
Chaney Kley
Channing Tatum1980-04-26
Chantal Goya1946-06-10
Chantel Valdivieso1994-06-06
Charlayne Woodard1955-12-29
Charles Aznavour1924-05-22
Charles Boyer1899-08-28
Charles Chaplin1889-04-16
Charles Dance1946-10-10
Charles Daniel Sandoval
Charles Dutton1951-01-30
Charles Gray1928-08-29
Charles Grodin
Charles Jang
Charles Mesure1970-08-12
Charles Shaughnessy1955-02-09
Charles Walters1911-11-17
Charlie Cox1982-12-21
Charlie Day1976-02-09
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Nelson
Charlie Ray1992-03-08
Charlie Sheen1965-09-03
Charline Paul
Charlize Theron1975-08-07
Charlotte Aubin
Charlotte Gainsbourg1971-07-21
Charlotte Rampling1945-02-05
Charlton Heston1924-10-04
Charlyne Yi1986-01-04
Chartchai Ngamsan
Chazz Palminteri1952-05-15
Cheech Marin1946-07-13
Chelah Horsdal1973-06-19
Chelan Simmons1982-10-29
Chen Chang1976-10-14
Chenoa Maxwell1969-11-16
Cherry Jones1956-11-21
Cheryl Hines1965-09-21
Chevy Chase1943-10-08
Chi McBride1961-09-23
Chiara Mastroianni1972-05-28
Chiara Zanni1978-07-19
Chieko Baisho1941-06-29
Chih-Ying Chu
Chimed Ohin
Ching Wan Lau1964-02-16
Chiwetel Ejiofor1976-00-00
Chloe Moretz1997-02-10
Chloë Sevigny1974-11-18
Chris Ambrose
Chris Barrie1960-03-28
Chris Bell
Chris Bowers
Chris Colfer1990-05-27
Chris Cooper1951-07-09
Chris Diamantopoulos1975-05-09
Chris Eigeman1965-03-01
Chris Elliott1960-05-31
Chris Evans
Chris Farley1964-02-15
Chris Hemsworth1983-08-11
Chris Isaak
Chris Kattan1970-10-19
Chris Kendrick
Chris Klein1979-03-14
Chris Latta1949-08-30
Chris Marquette1984-10-03
Chris Mass
Chris Noth1954-10-13
Chris O'Donnell1970-06-26
Chris O'Dowd1979-10-09
Chris O'Neil
Chris Owen1980-09-25
Chris Penn1962-06-10
Chris Pine1980-08-26
Chris Pontius1974-07-16
Chris Pratt1979-06-21
Chris Rock1966-02-07
Chris Sanders
Chris Santos1978-05-21
Chris Sarandon1942-07-24
Chris Spain
Chris Tashima
Chris Tucker1972-08-31
Chris Weitz
Christian Bale
Christian Byers
Christian Camargo
Christian Kane1974-06-27
Christian Keiber1970-02-26
Christian Meier1970-06-23
Christian Rubeck
Christian Slater
Christina Applegate1971-11-25
Christina Chambers1969-10-24
Christina Hendricks1975-05-03
Christina Milian1981-09-26
Christina Ricci1980-02-12
Christine Baranski1952-05-02
Christine Hargreaves1939-03-22
Christine Horne1981-12-14
Christine Lakin1979-01-25
Christine Taylor1971-07-30
Christoph Waltz1956-10-04
Christopher Buchholz1962-02-04
Christopher Eccleston1964-02-16
Christopher Guest1948-02-05
Christopher Lambert1957-03-29
Christopher Lawford1955-03-29
Christopher Lee1922-05-27
Christopher Lloyd1938-10-22
Christopher McDonald
Christopher Mintz-Plasse1989-06-20
Christopher Plummer 1929-12-13
Christopher Plummer1927-12-13
Christopher Reeve1952-09-25
Christopher Simpson
Christopher Walken1943-03-31
Christopher Wiehl
Christopher Wyllie
Christy Chung1970-09-19
Chuck D.1960-08-01
Chuck Taylor1979-11-29
Chulpan Khamatova1975-10-01
Chutcha Rujinanon
Chyler Leigh1982-04-10
Ciarán Hinds1953-02-09
Cicely Tyson1933-12-19
Cillian Murphy1974-00-00
Cindy Cheung
Cindy Gomez
Claire Bouanich
Claire Cox1975-00-00
Claire Danes1979-04-12
Claire Forlani1972-07-01
Claire Foy1984-04-16
Claire Holt 1988-06-11
Claire van der Boom
Clancy Brown1959-01-05
Clara Bellar
Clare Higgins
Clarence Gilyard Jr.1955-12-24
Clark Gable1901-02-01
Clark Gregg1962-04-02
Claude Baz Moussawbaa
Claude Rains1889-11-10
Claudia Cardinale1938-04-15
Claudia Gerini1971-12-18
Claudine Barretto1979-07-20
Claudio Botosso
Clayne Crawford1978-04-20
Clayton Jacobson
Clayton Snyder1987-09-09
Clé Bennett
Clea DuVall1977-09-25
Cleavon Little1939-06-01
Clémence DesRochers1933-11-23
Cliff Curtis
Clifton Collins Jr.1970-06-16
Clifton Davis1945-10-04
Clifton James1921-05-29
Clifton Powell
Clint Eastwood1930-05-31
Clint Howard1959-04-20
Clint Jordan
Clive Owen1964-10-03
Clive Scott
Cloris Leachman1926-04-30
Clotilde Courau1969-04-03
Clovis Cornillac1967-08-16
Cobie Smulders1982-04-03
Cody Linley1989-11-20
Cole Hauser1975-03-22
Cole Sprouse1992-08-04
Cole Williams
Colin Brady
Colin Farrell1976-03-31
Colin Firth1960-09-10
Colin Hanks1977-10-24
Colin Quinn
Colleen Foy
Colm Feore
Colm Meaney1953-05-30
Columbus Short
Connie Nielsen1965-07-03
Conor Donovan
Conor Dubin1976-09-05
Conrad Coates
Constance Brenneman1980-04-27
Consuelo Gómez
Corbin Allred1979-05-25
Corbin Bleu
Corey Feldman1971-07-16
Corey Glover1964-11-06
Corey Large1975-10-18
Corey Sevier1984-07-03
Corinna Harfouch1954-10-16
Cory Van Dyke
Costas Mandylor1962-09-03
Courteney Cox1964-06-15
Courtney Chase
Courtney Love1964-07-09
Craig Bierko1964-08-18
Craig Chester1965-11-05
Craig Ferguson1962-05-17
Craig Kilborn1962-08-26
Craig Marker
Craig Roberts1991-01-21
Craig Sheffer1960-04-23
Craig T. Nelson1944-04-04
Cris Lankenau
Crispin Glover1964-04-20
Cryss Adeff1987-11-18
Csaba Pindroch1972-03-19
Cuba Gooding Jr.1968-01-02
Curd Jürgens1915-12-13
Curtis Armstrong1953-11-27
Cybill Shepherd1950-02-18
Cyndi Williams
Cynthia Watros1968-09-02
Cyril Raffaelli
Cyrus Abidi

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