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Ricki and the Flash posterRicki and the Flash Opening Comparisons

Ricki and the Flash weekend gross: $6.611 million (marked as ).
Also opening on Aug 07, 2015: Diary...Teenage Girl Fantastic Four (2015)
Connie & Carla
Rock Star
The Banger Sisters
Rock of Ages
Director and Actor Comparisons (3-day opening weekend, in million $)
Jonathan Demme (dir) Rachel Getting Married ($0.293), Jimmy Carter... ($0.000), Neil Young ($0.054)
Kevin Kline: My Old Lady ($0.125), Last Vegas ($16.335), No Strings Attached ($19.653)
Meryl Streep: Mamma Mia 2 ($34.952), The Post ($0.526), Florence Jenkins ($6.601)
Selected By Weekend By Gross By Theaters By Average
 Title Release First Weekend Theaters Adjusted* Adj. Avg.**
 Ricki and the Flash2015 Aug 7$6,611,0001603$6,611,000$4,124
 Duets 2000 Sep 15 $2,002,588 581 $3,139,493 $5,404
 Glitter 2001 Sep 21 $2,414,596 1202 $3,611,210 $3,004
 Connie & Carla 2004 Apr 16 $3,255,000 1014 $4,421,986 $4,361
 Walk Hard 2007 Dec 21 $4,174,383 2650 $5,126,967 $1,935
 Rock Star 2001 Sep 7 $6,018,636 2525 $9,001,323 $3,565
 The Banger Sisters 2002 Sep 20 $10,038,000 2738 $14,624,328 $5,341
 Rock of Ages 2012 Jun 15 $14,437,000 3470 $15,325,710 $4,417
* adjusted for ticket prices (calculated in 2015 dollars) ** adjusted per theater gross ("crowdedness")
Other Box Office Open Comparisons
Fallout Super Troopers 2 CHIPS Inferno The Accountant Mechanic: Resurrection Suicide Squad Bad Moms Jason Bourne Mike and Dave... Central Intelligence Warcraft Ninja Turtles 2 Popstar The Nice Guys Neighbors 2 Search Party Civil War Mother's Day The Boss

About Box Office Comparisons
The box office line represents the potential extremes for 's opening weekend gross. The red notch is Lee's prediction. The red range around Lee's prediction represents the median average percent off of 500+ opening weekend predictions using abs(prediction - actual) / prediction. The actual opening weekend gross fell within the range 50% of the time. (1 pixel = approximately $24,869)

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