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A Piece of a Broken Imagination    by Mark Ziolkowski

Once in time, a man was born with a disorder that he could not handle quite properly; he was challenged by events that were at no such. He was challenged by his imagination. He grew up playing with his brother. They fought together, they played monopoly together, and they even went fishing together. But when his brother died at the age of 11, the young brother Brian (imagination kid) took on a new friend, his imagination. He pretended to fight with him but it was a pillow that was being fought. He played games with his GI Joe?s and went fishing with his imaginary friend ?Jack.?

Life was tough for the kid: his parents were around, be he was one of those who liked to be alone. Soon the imagination began to take over as he fought in wars, and was being hunted by suicidal maniacs, molesters, serial killers, or just people who have the urge to kill the imagination. Hooks from the sky would grab him and rip his neck open. People would shoot him plenty of times and he would die in the imagination (the story that was taking place), but would soon revive again. He would live in stories; it?s
like you finish one book, and the next book the same character is in there again, doing more crazy stuff.

He has to live with this as people watch how crazy he is. Cops can?t arrest him because it?s a disorder, and he is doing no harm to the people. How does his life end? Like normal ? old age, or cancer. On the other hand, will it be his imagination that kills him?


A man lives in his creative imagination. His life is whatever he imagines. He goes through wars, through thrillers, through romance, through comedy, through dealing. He does everything, but nothing he does is really happening. He could be shot 20 times, but still he will never die. The people around him thinks he is crazy because he is imitating everything, because the people see nothing going on except him, and the man sees a whole different world. How will it end, will he continue, or will he finally leave his imagination.

I actually have an idea in mind that is like this in an angle, but a little altered. This is more of a creative approach at storytelling, so I appreciate this one more than others. The one substantial problem I see in writing the actual script is coming up with a good plot that carries out for the entire duration. The way it sounds, it comes off like a fantasy of going from one dimension to the next without any real strong bond in theme. It has the potential to be thrilling and intriguing, but you haven?t really showcased a central plot or real story. I still give it a reasonable rating given that it?s not exactly Hollywood-style; it?s a story that could be one hell of a ride, but I don?t know the official answer being that theoretically I don?t know what everything has in common.
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D+ "This pitch doesn't contain enough information about the "imaginative" part of the story and how it incorporates into the real world. Lead character is prone to be unsympathetic and uninteresting."

C "Poorly drawn, but could be a neat idea."

B+ "this actully sounds like an oscar winner"

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