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Silence Please   by raaj.chopra
Story starts with a person named Dayal who lives alone in a small rented room. Room has a gloomly look as if he does'nt have much time to keep his room in a good shape. And at the corner of the room lot many newspaper are piled up. Dayal is nearly 40 years of age, bald headed, with a gaunt and gloomy countence. At most what can be heard in his single room is the chirpping of birds and nearby moving vehicles.

It was another sunday morning. Dayal was eagerly waiting for the newpaper to come. As it came he grabbed on to it. Directly opened page 5 (refered to sell and buy columns). With the newspaper went briskly to the telephone and dialed a number. Coversation as follows :

Dayal (D) : Hello, hello ..
Some Lady : Hello, yes whom do u want...
D: Can I talk to Ms. S
S: Yes S speaking.

(Ms. S is a lady of 68 yrs of age wanted to sell her old antique gramophone and published an advertisement in the newspaper for the same)

D : Mam, u want to sell your gramophone...
S : Yes, may I know who is speaking ...
D : Mr. Dayal here, I want to purchase it ..
S : Yes you can have its for Rs. 10,000
D : Ok but can we bargain on it ..
S : no!!
D : Ok listen, where are you putting up.
S : let us finalise the deal and it would be sent to your place..
D : Ok can we talk for a while ..
S : No, I am an Old lady of 60 yrs age and now I need some rest ..... if you are interested u confirm it.
D : Listen .. I am ready... I hereby confirm you and here is my address : A block YY street.
S : Ok I will ship it to in two days and u make the payment there and then.

So Ms. S hangs on the phone. After few minutes Ms. S recieves another call :
X : Hello, can I talk to Ms. S
S : Speaking.. who is there.
X : Mr. X here..
S : How can I help you sir.
X : I want to purchase your gramophone..
S : Sorry sir it already has been sold.
X : Did Mr. Dayal purchase it.
S : Yes, but how do you know....
X : Anyway I'll give you much more than what he is offering for it.
S : No I have sold it. Don't you understand...
X : How about Rs. 20000.
S : hmmmmm.... let me have a talk to Mr. Dayal.
X : Ok then Ms. let me know your address.
S : No I cannot .. I will ship it you after I recieve the payment...
X : Ok think about it I will call you later.
S : Fine thanks !!

Ms. S hangs down the phone... and immediately recieves another call from a voice sounding like that of a lady. The lady again offers a handsome amount for the gramophone more than what Mr. X offered. Also the lady asks Ms. S not to give her address to Mr. X as he was not a good person. But lady asked that she wanted the delivery now it self for that she has to come to Ms. S place. And asks for her address. Ms. S did'nt give her address.

Soon after that Ms. S recieves a call form a very wired sounding person he warns her to sell that Gramophone to him and also alerts her about the lady who just has call her. Ms. S goes totally perplexed as to what is happening and why all these people are after her Gramophone.. why was it so important to all of them.

Just as she was thinking she recives another call from Mr. Dayal. He asks Ms. S if she has recieved call from Mr. X then a lady then a wierd sounding person. He then warns that she is in a big trouble and all these people are know eachother and are they taget old people. The conversation goes on for a long while and Ms. S gets irritated and puts down her phone.

But Mr. Dayal again calls her and asks her to sell it to him and tries to engage her in his talks .. but Ms. S puts her phone down.

Then Mr. X calls her and asks her to sell her Gramophone to him... she says that she does'nt want to sell it to anyone and request him not to call her again..

Later again Mr. Dayal call her and inform her that in sometime from now Mr. X or that lady would call you. Ms. S becomes so irritated with all this. She gets scared by the mere fact as to why all these people are disturbing her. She asks Mr. Dayal that she is a heart patient and cannot bear it anymore...and somehow the phone is disconnected.

Mr. Dayal again calls her but don't get any response .. he tries again and againg but no reponse.. he tries again now Ms. S picks up the phone and shouts that she donnot want to sell her Gramophone. Mr. Dayal asks if she is fine.. and then tells that whatever phonecalls by Mr. X that lady and wierd person she recieved were made by him. He tell her that he works as a librarian in a public library for 6 days in a week where nobody is allowed to speak.. he does'nt have a family nor too many friends.

He tells that for 6 days in a week he doen't speak anything rather his job don't allow him to speak anything but on Sunday he wants to speak to someone but could not find anyone so he picks up newspaper and find people selling things and calls them up. He then passes his day posing as different persons (talking in different voice) to somebody.

He then asks if she can talk to him for a while but the lady refuses and puts down the phone .. gloomly he move to the newspaper and find a new number and makes a call at that number...

Hello this is Mr. Dayal do you want to sell your bed.

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B+ "I like it. The man's motivation for calling her was great, I almost wish that the lady got so mad that she dies, but still, I think this is the most unique thing in the contest I've seen so far that could be made on a budget." - Twirlnhurl

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