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The Punisher 2   by pownedbiatches
It is about two friends that were having a good old time throwing football when one friend runs into a gang member. The gang member wanted to fight him but the other friend said lets settle this the easy way and they start to play football. The gang members lose. Then one day the one friend gets involved with the gsng so the jump him because he owes them some money, then the friend see them beating him up so he goes and helps him. The gang says that they will get him another day. Then a few days has past and the gang sees the two friends walking down the street so the start to shoot at them. The one friend gets killed and the other gets shot in the soulder two times. Then it shows the one guy getting into shape. Then he goes to his closet and gets out his punisher shirt and his girlfriend says to him that he promised not to go and do that any more. He says that he cant help it that he has to get revenge after they killed is best friend. So he goes and kills the gang members one by one and the gang leader notices that this is happen so he goes and kills himself so the guy could not get the full revenge that he wanted.

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