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A Ordinary girl   by kirstii-boo

Basically it is about an ordinary girl who in high school and her mum and dad is divorced
She lives with her mum and step dad in this big beach house and at school this is where the drama begins she gets bullied, beaten up and no one successes out a thing.
Until one day she just there and walking down the middle of the beach with tears out her eyes and there laying there a big old box looking like it been washed up by the water, she begins to walk forward to the box she looked at it needed a key so she carried it home with her, waiting till everyone was out of the house and got a tool and smashed it open. Shaking like a leave ready to open the box her finger tips are moving towards opening then suddenly a burst of light came out of the box and then all there was in there was a watch pink and black but it was funny in a weird way it came with a instruction book she began to read it until she noticed the powers to the success of this watch could actually do.
Invisibility, stop the world, wish grants, and all over powers but what she doesn’t know is that this watch is worth the world to captain ventral the post evil deadness man in the world.
And he comes to school to watch her every move , get close to her , until one day she watching the news and his face comes up and she knew it was him from the face deadly alike but she never knew her was in the room .
She trying to makes escapes from him and her got 2 things get the watch and KILL>! The girl.
But while on this big adventure the girls meets and boy who trys to help her but can she trust another boy. And can she make it To be a survival

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