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If death be my wish   by Kats14
My idea for a movie, is one that many teenagers deal with and have delt with while growing up(the story is mostly true).It is about a girl and her life up to date and all she has ever wished for is death and how it comes to her. the girl was sexually abused by my cousin when she was four, he was ten. In primary school she then had the wrong impresion of what sex and sexual acts was and started 'playing with herself'in class. She is a girl who was mocked by every single being that ever entered her life. In school she was teased and at home she was teased.After 10 years of this her self esteem was unexsitent. She eventually started to pull herself down. She had been going to a phycologist since she was 7 and this includes her talking anti depressents.Her sexual acts with her cousin proceeded until she was 10. She was so ashamed of herself and what her cousin had done and what she let him do that she began to cut herself and started suicide attempts. To escape her thoughts she started doing inhalents and was so depressed that she cut herself while doing this and stabbed herself. She was a beautiful girl but could not get a boyfriend as she had no confidence. She continued to progress throught school with no friends and depressed. Cutting and getting high( there are many parts here which would evolve eg her parents find her hig in her bathroom, asleep in blood and what happens). She becomes a slut as when she is depressed she uses sexual actions and she is always depressed. She struggles with her sexual orientation as well.Every night the only thing she would wish for would be death.In the end she commits suicide by hanging herself and is at that moment blessed with wish. This story is about the life of a cutter, inhalent addict, victim of bullying and sexual abuse. The story would include her emotions and experiences(through her eyes) on these sensative topics. It would be a movie Highlighting the devestating effects on a teenager that society and people impose on her.

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