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Finding Marlin   by whitechocolate20
This sequel to the recently released blockbuster finds Nemo, the unlucky clownfish from the original, now all grown up as a teenager. Dory and Nemo's dad Marlin still are great friends; Marlin runs a very popular class called "Being a Protective Parent... But Not Over-Protective!" Meanwhile, the whole gang from the fish tank (in the dentist's office) lives near Marlin and Nemo; they are still learning to adapt to the stress that the ocean brings with some comical flashbacks.

Bruce, the shark, is still running the FA (Fishaholics Anonymous) and he now has a total of 17 members. Nemo, now attending Coral High School, is becoming distant from his dad. He's tired of people making fun of his fin and so when Lektic (an eel), a fellow class member, shows interest in being his friend, Nemo gladly tries to become friends. However, Lektic is not all good; he uses Nemo for a heist to steal tons of food from a local Eel family. When caught, Nemo blames Lektic but nobody believes him. By force, Nemo and his dad Marlin are forced to move elsewhere; they must move beyond the deep ocean.

However, while crossing the unknown, dark, deep ocean, Marlin and Nemo become close to starvation. Seeing a large piece of food floating in the water, Marlin and Nemo both become excited. However, Nemo learned in school that if food is floating in mid-water, you don't touch it. Before he could tell his dad, his dad swam towards the food exclaiming, "There's enough for both of us, Nemo!"

Before Nemo could utter a word, it was too late. Marlin was trapped in a fisherman's hook. Nemo tried to help his dad but the pull of the hook was far too strong ? Marlin was gone. Nemo sets back to the place where fish despise him to find help. Before you know it, Nemo, Dory, the whole gang from the fish tank, and Bruce are on their way to an adventure of their lives. Can they reach Sea World (where Marlin is being kept) in time to save Nemo's father?

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What Visitors Are Saying:

"lol, now that is funny but yet creative. The idea of the son trying to find the father is hillarious. What sea monsters you can add is the serpent and the giant squid, lol. "

A "Should be writing for Pixar! Sounds fun, As long as they could get the whole voice cast back."

A+ "Well, there's another $300 million waiting to be made!"

B- "It's a good idea, but my main problem with it is that it may essentially become almost the exact same movie as Finding Nemo story wise (ie. Finding Nemo, Finding Marlin). With Toy Story I and II, Pixar did an incredible thing, where I felt both movies essentially worked individually on their own merits as strong movies. But if Pixar followed the path of making sequels almost identical to their originals, Pixar would lose that special touch they have. Essentially its a good idea, its just almost the exact same story as Finding Nemo, with some slight changes. "

B "It's not terrific, but it has potential. You need to lighten up some of the darker elements and give it a more family feel."

C+ "Sounds like a creative idea. Not too sure if that type of thing would get made, even though the success of Nemo may grant it a sequel. Finding something again seems like an obvious and somewhat unexciting idea, don't you think? Marlin will be found at the end, so what gives? "Cuteness" is key with Pixar films -- hey, it's a trademark of theirs! -- but I don't know, I think there would be more to be done with a Monsters Inc. sequel. Though not as good as Nemo, the characters could sustain more films, I believe. However, good attempt! I look forward to original animation ideas coming from you -- honestly!"

C+ "Good ideas, little orginality. The beginning would be neat, but the finding marlin concept would be too trite for an entire movie."

A+ "The best of the script pitches. Thats not saying much but this has potential."

C "This is like another disney sequel the Santa Clause 2 just in the ocean with different characters."

"I want to see this movie if it comes out"

A+ "I hope pixar makes this film"

B- "Definitely going for the Disney commercial cash in. Soem ideas could be changed to make it a fresh sequl and this could be GREAT. As it stands, it'll just be another Cinderella 2"

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