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MPAA: G PG PG-13 R NC-17 Budget: $100+ 100-75 74-50 49-25 under 25
Running Time: 125+ mins 125-115 114-105 105-95 under 95
NOTE: A Movie like "Austin Powers 3: Goldmember" show up under "A" AND "G"
TitleUS ReleaseDomestic Box Office*
Divine Intervention2003-01-17$0.391
Don't Mess with Zohan2008-06-06$100.019
Never Really Here2018-04-06
Summer Palace2008-01-18$0.061
Tall Dark Stranger2010-09-22$2.928
Visible Secret II
Woman Is the Future...2006-03-03$0.005
Y Tu Mama Tambien2002-03-15$13.650
Ya-Ya Sisterhood2002-06-07$69.599
Yang Ban Xi2006-03-29$0.021
Year My Parents...2008-02-15$0.804
Year of the Dog2007-04-13$1.540
Year One2009-06-19$43.337
Yeh Jawaani2013-05-31$3.638
Yellow Handkerchief2010-02-26$0.255
Yes Man2008-12-19$97.680
Yes Nurse! No Nurse!$0.013
Yiddish Theater2007-11-21$0.039
Yingzhou District
Yoga Hosers2016-09-02
Yogi Bear2010-12-17$100.169
Yossi & Jagger2003-09-24$0.267
You Again2010-09-24$25.259
You Can Count on Me2000-11-17$9.180
You Got Served2004-01-30$40.066
You I Love2004-11-19$0.061
You Kill Me2007-06-22$2.427
You Only Live Twice1967-06-15$43.100
You'll Get Over It2004-06-18$0.050
You're Gonna Miss Me2007-06-08
You're Next2013-08-23$18.317
You've Got Mail1998-12-18$115.732
You, Me and Dupree2006-07-14$75.628
Young & Beautiful2014-04-25
Young Adam2004-04-16$0.767
Young Adult2011-12-09$7.634
Young at Heart2008-04-09$3.964
Young Black Stallion2003-12-25$6.750
Young Frankenstein1974-12-15$86.300
Young Guns1988-08-12$44.726
Young Guns II1990-08-01$44.143
Young People F-cking$0.450
Young Unknowns2003-04-18$0.058
Your Highness2011-04-08$21.557
Your Sister's Sister2012-06-15$1.547
Yours, Mine and Ours2005-11-23$53.360
Youth in Revolt2010-01-08$14.890
Youth Without Youth2007-12-14$0.239
Yves Saint Laurent2014-06-27$0.675
Yves St. Laurent2004-01-07$0.097
* in millions of US$

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