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(2) Aladdin (2019) (3) Suicide Squad (4) Secret Life of Pets (5) Napoleon Dynamite (6) Lady Bird (7) King...Monsters (8) UglyDolls (9) The Polar Express (10) Snowden (11) Late Night (12) Fantastic Four

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MPAA: G PG PG-13 R NC-17 Budget: $100+ 100-75 74-50 49-25 under 25
Running Time: 125+ mins 125-115 114-105 105-95 under 95
NOTE: A Movie like "Austin Powers 3: Goldmember" show up under "A" AND "G"
TitleUS ReleaseDomestic Box Office*
Divine Intervention2003-01-17$0.391
Don't Mess with Zohan2008-06-06$100.019
Never Really Here2018-04-06
Summer Palace2008-01-18$0.061
Tall Dark Stranger2010-09-22$2.928
Visible Secret II
Woman Is the Future...2006-03-03$0.005
Y Tu Mama Tambien2002-03-15$13.650
Ya-Ya Sisterhood2002-06-07$69.599
Yang Ban Xi2006-03-29$0.021
Year My Parents...2008-02-15$0.804
Year of the Dog2007-04-13$1.540
Year One2009-06-19$43.337
Yeh Jawaani2013-05-31$3.638
Yellow Handkerchief2010-02-26$0.255
Yes Man2008-12-19$97.680
Yes Nurse! No Nurse!$0.013
Yesterday (2019)2019-06-28
Yiddish Theater2007-11-21$0.039
Yingzhou District
Yoga Hosers2016-09-02
Yogi Bear2010-12-17$100.169
Yossi & Jagger2003-09-24$0.267
You Again2010-09-24$25.259
You Can Count on Me2000-11-17$9.180
You Got Served2004-01-30$40.066
You I Love2004-11-19$0.061
You Kill Me2007-06-22$2.427
You Only Live Twice1967-06-15$43.100
You'll Get Over It2004-06-18$0.050
You're Gonna Miss Me2007-06-08
You're Next2013-08-23$18.317
You've Got Mail1998-12-18$115.732
You, Me and Dupree2006-07-14$75.628
Young & Beautiful2014-04-25
Young Adam2004-04-16$0.767
Young Adult2011-12-09$7.634
Young at Heart2008-04-09$3.964
Young Black Stallion2003-12-25$6.750
Young Frankenstein1974-12-15$86.300
Young Guns1988-08-12$44.726
Young Guns II1990-08-01$44.143
Young People F-cking$0.450
Young Unknowns2003-04-18$0.058
Your Highness2011-04-08$21.557
Your Sister's Sister2012-06-15$1.547
Yours, Mine and Ours2005-11-23$53.360
Youth in Revolt2010-01-08$14.890
Youth Without Youth2007-12-14$0.239
Yves Saint Laurent2014-06-27$0.675
Yves St. Laurent2004-01-07$0.097
* in millions of US$

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