Weekend Recap for Apr. 11-13
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By Philip Friedman     Published April 13, 2008
Prom Night was king of the weekend with an estimated $22.7 million...heading for a $50 million total.
Update (4/14) Prom Night experienced a complete collapse on Sunday. It dropped over 60% versus Saturday for a 2nd place Sunday coming in behind Street Kings. Prom's weekend total fell $2 million short of the estimates.

Prom Night was king of the weekend with an estimated $22.7 million, but that wasn't saying much given the competition. Despite beating most expectations, Prom Night couldn't do much help for the overall box office. The total of the top 10 movies didn't crack $80 million. That places it 13th of 15 weekends in 2008, just a few million ahead of last weekend. Given that Prom Night skewed heavily to the under-25 crowd, received poor reviews, and horror remakes tend to frontload, I think it's safe to say Prom Night will drop off substantially next weekend and I'll reaffirm my previous call of around $50 million total.

Street Kings came in second with $12.0 million. The ensemble cast wasn't enough to drive up ticket sales and really surprise on the upside as I thought it might. However, it appears to be Fox Searchlight's largest open since 2006 with The Hills Have Eyes ($15.7 million). Like Prom Night, Street Kings does not have many factors going in its favor for a long box office run. Perhaps I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it seems like a greater number of movies tend to be frontloaded.

On the other hand, 21 is holding up surprisingly well. It brought in $11 million, a 28% drop, which brought its total to $62.3 million. When it opened, I wrote that "without good word of mouth, it's hard to see 21 topping $70 million total." $70 million is very easy to see now. Also holding up well, Nim's Island dropped just 32%, but that's to be expected from a kids movie.

Outside the top ten, 10,000 BC clocked in with $1.5 million for a total of $91.8 million. On its opening weekend, I wrote that it would "need a strong push by Warner Bros. to break $100 million." Despite a decent second weekend, at this point, no amount of pushing is going to get it over $100 million.

Next weekend has a good mix of new releases. Despite Pacino and an interesting premise, 88 Minutes is likely dead on arrival. Forbidden Kingdom might get one decent weekend of box office out of its release. Where In the World is Osama Bin Laden looks really funny, but funny enough for a movie and strong box office? Forgetting Sarah Marshall is likely the hidden gem of April. I don't know if it'll enjoy a weekend as strong as Superbad or Knocked Up, but it should have a healthy total box office if audiences agree with critics.
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