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John Wick 3 movie poster'John Wick 3' Movie Review (C)
John Wick 3 profile
US release date: May 17, 2019
Box Office: $170,179,000
Scott SycamoreMay 20, 2019
It starts out sweet and inventive, but the deeper it goes, the more rancid and missionary it ends up being.
'Justice League' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinNovember 16, 2017
This is a remarkably safe, boring, and pretty hollow event picture.
'The Foreigner' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinOctober 15, 2017
This is probably the best acting we've seen from {Jackie}, conveying great sadness with very few words.
'Marshall' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinOctober 15, 2017
Oddly enough this is a bio-pic that comes across more as a crowd-pleasing good time than something that's going to be remembered at the end of the year.
Age of Ultron movie posterMost Popular Article
'Age of Ultron' Movie Review (D-)
Age of Ultron profile
US release date: May 1, 2015
Box Office: $458,583,000
Greg WardMay 6, 2015
Three years later, we get the mess that is Avengers: Age of Ultron.
'Fast & Furious 7' Movie Review (B-)Greg WardApril 26, 2015
It is not a great film by any means, but it is a lot of fun.
'Unfriended' Movie Review (C)Greg WardApril 24, 2015
We have a group of teenage friends who are developed just enough for us to maybe care about them, but not enough for us to not want them to die.
'It Follows' Movie Review (B+)Greg WardApril 16, 2015
It moves at a slow enough pace to make us care about the characters and build suspense, yet it never feels slow and leaves you wanting more.
'Cinderella (2015)' Movie Review (A)Greg WardMarch 30, 2015
Disney's new live-action adaptation is a glorious treasure of a film.
'Focus' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreFebruary 28, 2015
'Jupiter Ascending' Movie Review (D+)Scott SycamoreFebruary 9, 2015
This flick fails in such a way that you cannot believe what you are looking at.
'Paddington' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinJanuary 18, 2015
It might be aimed more toward kids, but it has universal themes, and it earns its lovability too much to judge it too harshly for its flaws.
'Blackhat' Movie Review (C-)Craig YounkinJanuary 18, 2015
'Whiplash' Movie Review (B+)Scott SycamoreOctober 26, 2014
Finally someone in the cinematic universe shows up with some quality material.
'Boyhood' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinAugust 10, 2014
Boyhood feels like one of the most impersonal films the filmmaker has ever made.
'Guardians...Galaxy' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinAugust 7, 2014
'Guardians...Galaxy' Movie Review (B+)Scott SycamoreAugust 7, 2014
Now here's a real whiz-banger, kids: a comical-book movie that's actually FUN!
'Life Itself' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinJuly 18, 2014
The behind the scenes tidbits and how they both nurtured smaller films while also making criticism more accessible is film fan gold.
'Sex Tape' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinJuly 18, 2014
'The Purge: Anarchy' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinJuly 18, 2014
'Dawn...Apes' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJuly 17, 2014
As Caesar and the apes of this movie know, sometimes when you change the game, you end up destroying it.
'Tammy' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJuly 3, 2014
'Snowpiercer' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinJune 29, 2014
A fast-hurdle of an action sci-fi flick from South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho.
'The Rover' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJune 27, 2014
'Think...Man Too' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJune 23, 2014
'Train Your Dragon 2' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinJune 18, 2014
'22 Jump Street' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinJune 15, 2014
Finds everybody from 21 Jump Street doing the same thing all over again.
'Edge of Tomorrow' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJune 8, 2014
'Edge of Tomorrow' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJune 7, 2014
'Days of Future Past' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreMay 25, 2014
The set pieces have been scaled up from previous films, and move the overall action along nicely.
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