'Iron Man' Crowd Report
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By Lee Tistaert     Published May 2, 2008
The new Indiana Jones trailer got the place wild. People knew what it was right away. And there was applause and cheering afterwards.
Theater: The Bridge: cinema de lux (Los Angeles)
Thurs: 10:55 pm (75% of 345 seats: roughly 260 people) - 5 screens
11:55 pm show with 285 seats sold out

Trailer Reactions:

The newer trailer for You Donít Mess with the Zohan got a good response, and it was more of a vocal response than audience reactions were for Chuck & Larry and some of Sandlerís other comedies in recent years. Vocal meaning, the laughs were bigger, and there seemed to be genuine interest.

Chronicles of Narnia 2 mostly played to silence.

The Incredible Hulk drew some cheers at the beginning, as well as at the end.

The teaser for The Spirit drew people in, and there was some rumblings about Frank Miller, but there wasn't any other chatter or any applause.

The new Love Guru trailer played better than its first trailer did in February. Consistent laughs from the audience.

The new Indiana Jones trailer got the place wild right from the beginning. People knew what it was right away. And there was applause and cheering afterwards. Midway through Iron Man, I had peeked into the 11:55 show briefly and Indy 4's trailer was getting the exact same reaction there as well.

Iron Man played pretty well with the audience, but big Thursday night shows also bring out more excited people. And there were a few times during scenes where a moment would get a reaction, and I figured on another day at this theater, that moment probably wouldn't get as much of an audience reaction. Still, the movie played well, and most of the audience seemed to enjoy it.

I thought Iron Man had its moments but was just kind of average. The really good reviews surprised me and gave me hope, but I thought the movie was traditional in many ways, only springing to life occasionally. It was surprisingly funny at times and there's solid momentum during certain scenes, but I was kind of ho-hum about a lot of the movie. It also felt too accessible to families.
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