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Think Like a Man Too
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By Craig Younkin     Published June 23, 2014
US Release: June 20, 2014

Directed by: Tim Story
Starring: Romany Malco , Meagan Good , Gabrielle Union , Regina Hall

PG-13 for crude sexual content including references, partial nudity, language and drug material
Running Time: 106 minutes
Domestic Box Office: $65,029,000
Making a movie based in Vegas PG-13 is a little like making a margarita without the alcohol.
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Making a movie based in Vegas PG-13 is a little like making a margarita without the alcohol. And yeah, we know already that it’s like Disneyland for adults, we don’t need the Wikipedia description of what Vegas is all about like “Think Like a Man Too” starts out with. A sequel that was based off some book written by Steve Harvey, “TLAMT” again puts Kevin Hart front and center and makes him have to put in ridiculous amounts of energy in order to make something not funny, funny. That he does it without breaking a sweat is the best compliment I can give him.

He’s Cedric, the single and ready to mingle best man for his friend Michael’s wedding. The plan is to have bachelor/bachelorette parties the night before the wedding but before it’s all about relationship problems within the wedding party. Michael (Terrance Jenkins) and Candace (Regina Hall) have Michael’s overbearing mother (Jennifer Lewis) to deal with. Zeke (Romany Malco) is trying to move on with Mya (Meagan Good) but it’s hard since nearly every woman in Vegas remembers him as “Zeke the Freak.”

Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) and Dom’s (Michael Ealy) relationship is in trouble when they are offered jobs on different coasts. Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) struggles with the concept of having a baby with Kristen (Gabrielle Union). And there are two white friends here, both married to each other. I’m not sure what their problem is but one is dopey and wears a fanny pack (Gary Owen) while the other (Wendy McLendon-Covey) is afraid to dress much better than a Mormon school teacher.

Issues of finding more growth and maturity in relationships were handled with great skill in last year’s “The Best Man Holiday” but “Fantastic Four” and “Ride Along” director Tim Story doesn’t seem to know what kind of movie he wants to make. The guys are a dull collection of mopes who just want to talk about their relationships, which would actually be better if the guys were actually funny. Instead before anything can become even remotely relatable, the movie feels the need to turn to broad slapstick, which in turn winds up being fairly bland crap like taking drugs and getting into fist fights and hardly the kind of fun-loving anarchy that Cedric every 5 minutes feels the need to remind the guys they should be getting into but aren’t.

The girl’s night out is even worse, as Story frames it like a music video for some reason. There’s also an amateur stripping competition that could have been the one and only time the film really cuts loose, but like the rest of the movie, it goes nowhere fun. All of these relationship issues end with clean-cut conclusions, complete with Cedric’s moralistic narration, which feels like he’s reading off a fortune cookie. The rest of his narration isn’t much better either, like his commentary of who’s having a better time - the groomsmen or the bridesmaids (“It was the third quarter, and still anyone’s game”). The answer, if you really want to know, are the people who finagled a studio-funded trip to Vegas out of this extremely lame film.
Craig's Grade: C
Craig's Overall Grading: 340 graded movies
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