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The Hot Chick
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By Lee Tistaert     Published June 14, 2003
US Release: December 13, 2002

Directed by: Tom Brady
Starring: Rob Schneider , Rachel McAdams , Anna Faris

Running Time: 101 minutes
Domestic Box Office: $35,016,000
40 of 143
Just sit back and relax, (and) this comedy may win you over?even if it is slightly
The Hot Chick may be far from profound, but to this day it still makes me laugh and enjoy myself.

This is not what you?d call a well-made flick, as the filmmaking at times is really tacky, yet if you admire Rob Schneider?s humor side and are willing to just sit back and relax, this comedy may win you over?even if it is slightly.
While I?m aware that some may go as far as to claim Rob Schneider as unfunny, I cannot lie, as I?m a fan. Having found Deuce Bigalow (B) a surprisingly well made comedy with solid laughs and a good natured premise, I was interested to see the results of the comedian?s third effort, which was going in familiar territory as his second attempt as well as Deuce.

Following Bigalow?s strong theater run, Schneider came out with The Animal, which had taken the general idea of the comedian morphing into a man-whore (if you will, in Deuce) to an animal itself. The results (while having some moments of amusement) were not that pretty, ending up as a flick that did produce some chuckles but was a bit empty.

Now there?s Hot Chick, where the former SNL star is converted into a high school cheerleader through a sacred curse. The movie may be a pretty sizable guilty pleasure of mine, as on the surface this film is not directed too well but between the script and Schneider?s comedic ability, the combination easily lures a smile onto my face.

The problem with Hot Chick for critics looking for a real story is that there is no real story; already, that casts a significant problem. Reviewers are going to need to be wow?d over by the substance beneath the page and the protagonist?s ability to play the lead role strongly, or the film will likely land on many "worst flicks of the year" charts; and I?m going to bet on the latter result. However, as loose as this comedy tends to be in premise for an hour and thirty-five minutes, to this day it still engages my humor desires.

Jessica Spencer (Rachel Adams) is a real hot chick in high school, and is the type that believes that there are no haters against her; she may not believe the world revolves around her, but understands that she can always rely on her looks to get by in any situation.

Now meet an anonymous loser played by Rob Schneider, who in the opening is robbing a deserted gas station while Jessica and friends suddenly stroll in for full service. After Schneider?s persona takes on the position of a clerk and assists their vehicle, the group drives off but Jessica (without knowing) leaves an essential behind ? a pair of earrings.

To Schneider?s character the earrings don?t mean much, but to the audience we know from the introduction that there is more to the picture than it seems. Once the earrings are exchanged between two people and met by a spoken curse as well, the individuals? bodies will be switched. From here on out Schneider?s real personality is slotted into Jessica?s body while her personality lies in his body, letting the two wander around throughout the entire running time.

The Hot Chick literally makes no sense in the world of logic and reasoning, but that?s part of its goofball fun nature. I?m someone who can excuse a nothing plot given the material exerted (to some extent), and Hot Chick is such an example. I know (technically speaking) that it?s not very good, but it nevertheless manages to work. Though some of the jokes are hit-and-miss, Schneider has managed to pack in quite a few physical humor gags that gel, along with his successful attempt at coming off as a female for most of the ride.

This is not a movie to analyze how real everything looks, but given the intelligence of the film it?s actually quite surprising to see Schneider pull it off somewhat realistically in speech and body language. His execution is part of the fun of it all, as after holding a lot of charm in Deuce Bigalow it?s nice to see that despite the minor changes in plot since then, he can still execute an enjoyable film.

The Hot Chick isn?t as well made as Deuce, but I?d be willing to argue that it?s funnier. And it?s almost shocking to see this movie work under such a dumb foundation; it had the potential to be quite bad and saves itself from being merely a failed Saturday Night Live skit attempt.

The story lacks cleverness and originality, but with the jokes and gags that do work in this comedy, it would certainly be nice to see Schneider construct a film that?s actually different or smarter. I have a feeling (given the right dedication applied) that he can produce quite a funny and well made flick if he tried. I?m hoping Deuce Bigalow isn?t as good as it gets (technically speaking), but until that day Hot Chick really isn?t that bad.

DVD Features:
- Deleted scenes plus alternate ending
- 'The Hot Chick' Yearbook: Behind the Scenes
- Audio commentary w/ director Tom Brady
- Zed Music Video 'Starlight'

Audio Features:
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
- Widescreen
- French language track
- Spanish Subtitles
Lee's Grade: B-
Ranked #40 of 143 between Goldmember (#39) and Kung Pow (#41) for 2002 movies.
Lee's Overall Grading: 2973 graded movies
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