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Train Your Dragon movie poster'Train Your Dragon' Movie Review (B)
Train Your Dragon profile
US release date: March 26, 2010
Box Office: $217,387,997
Craig YounkinMarch 25, 2010
The animation looks great, from the large, bushy-haired Vikings to the comically goofy looking dragons.
'Repo Men' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinMarch 18, 2010
The direction from Miguel Sapochnik shows its cracks, from the poor shifts from vicious action to playful comedy, to dragging it out way too long.
'She's Out of My League' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinMarch 12, 2010
A solid 7, a romantic comedy that scores a few good laughs and does a nice job of being convincing.
'Green Zone' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinMarch 9, 2010
Itís Jason Bourne in a non-Jason Bourne movie, but it stands right up there with those films.
'The Wolfman' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinMarch 9, 2010
Johnston nails the atmosphere just right, dark, dreary and foggy and with very ominous shots of the moon.
'Nine' Movie Review (C-)Craig YounkinDecember 11, 2009
In one of the most ill-conceived movie-musicals since Phantom of the Opera, Rob Marshall tries to razzle-dazzle but just comes off as a flat, sparkly thing that might have been exciting live but not so much as a movie.
'Invictus' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinDecember 11, 2009
By the final match, the movie has built up such good-will that any predictability becomes an afterthought to the joy and excitement on display.
'Up in the Air' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinDecember 8, 2009
Itís really about learning how to connect with people and the even tougher goal of learning to care about people.
'9' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinSeptember 5, 2009
Acker deserves some credit and I admire Focus Features for again taking a chance after the brilliant Coraline, on darkly animated adult material. Just 9 is too meager to recommend.
'Extract' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinSeptember 5, 2009
This movie isnít much of a sex comedy or drug comedy or lawsuit comedy or really much of anything. It goes nowhere.
'World's Greatest Dad' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinAugust 26, 2009
Goldthwait deals with things not many films would. The screenplay is dark, intermittently funny, with a few good lines.
'Cold Souls' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinAugust 26, 2009
Giamatti does his best. He portrays many different emotions, as well as emptiness, as good as anyone probably ever could. The second half lets him down.
'Inglourious Basterds' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinAugust 23, 2009
Never lets you forget that Tarantino is a consummate filmmaker, plotting everything with originality and tremendous cool.
'Five Minutes of Heaven' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinAugust 18, 2009
A human story with an important meaning in our terrorism-around-the-globe-world.
The Goods movie posterMost Popular Article
'The Goods' Movie Review (A-)
The Goods profile
US release date: August 14, 2009
Box Office: $15,050,529
Craig YounkinAugust 13, 2009
You just want to start listing funny thing after funny thing, it's that good.
'Humpday' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinAugust 12, 2009
Humpday isnít always fun to watch but itís brave, funny, and interesting.
'District 9' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinAugust 11, 2009
District 9 has its pleasures. Those looking for action will enjoy the blast but those seeking a broader plot may feel a little bored.
'Funny People' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinJuly 28, 2009
The movie succeeds in showing comedy as not just an outlet but a communal thing these guys share, and it all goes well with the more somber moments.
'The Answer Man' Movie Review (C-)Craig YounkinJuly 22, 2009
The Answer Man looked like a mature, adult answer to some of the crappier romantic comedies but it winds up getting it mostly wrong.
'In the Loop' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinJuly 16, 2009
While excessive and hard to follow at times, Iannucci and his three writers create an adult satire that may not be for everybody but is pretty funny.
'Moon' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJuly 16, 2009
Itís slow moving but your head will be working a mile a minute trying to figure out the secrets that lay in store here.
'Dead Snow' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinJuly 8, 2009
Itís conventional and many of the jump scares come off as predictable. Just a movie about Nazi zombies canít be all bad, and thatís the real hook.
'Whatever Works' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJuly 8, 2009
David, Wood, and Clarkson do their best but theyíre dealing with a screenplay thatís hard to like and even harder to see what Allen saw in.
'Bruno' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJuly 7, 2009
While Bruno is not Borat, it again shows Cohen as a performance artist and damn funny dude.
'Ice Age 3' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJune 29, 2009
Weíre a long way from the visual feast and energetic fun of Up. Iím sure the kids wonít mind though. This exists for them.
'My Sister's Keeper' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJune 26, 2009
Iím not saying this movie isnít a cheap excuse to make you cry, but as far as cheap excuses go, this one is richly made.
'Transformers II' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinJune 23, 2009
Not without its flaws, but the good outweighs the bad and this is right behind Star Trek as the blockbuster of the summer.
'The Hurt Locker' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinJune 21, 2009
The movie clocks in at over two hours and staying with it is not the easiest thing to do.
'Away We Go' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJune 21, 2009
There is a point where the interspersing of comedy and drama starts to get old but luckily a third act of genuine lessons and happy mediums lead to some of the movie's best scenes.
'Year One' Movie Review (D-)Craig YounkinJune 18, 2009
A complete train-wreck that falls back on everything thatís wrong with American comedy. It settles for lowest common denominator and aims lower.
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