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By Staff of LMI     Published July 11, 2008
In anticipation of what will likely be the biggest movie of 2008, we'll be hosting live coverage of The Dark Knight throughout its opening weekend.
View the entire Dark Knight Midnight live blog (midnight #s $18.5M, Early Friday #s $60M+)

View the entire Dark Knight Friday live blog (Friday Estimates $66.4M Dark Knight headlines)

WARNING SPOILERS BELOW Dark Knight Weekend Box Office: $158,441,483

Hosted by CollegeMovieReview.com

We've tentatively scheduled three live chats that will focus on The Dark Knight's midnight screenings, the opening day's box office and the long term prospects including Oscar potential and various box office records.

Opening Night
- crowd reports, initial reactions (no spoilers though), wild box office speculation
Starting Thursday 9pm ET until 7am ET Friday morning (6pm - 4am PT)

Early Box Office Returns
- wild box office speculation with some data to back it up
Starting Friday 6:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT until we get a decent indication of Dark Knight's Friday box office

Opening Weekend and Beyond
- covering weekend estimates, reviews of Dark Knight (with spoilers since most people will have seen it), Oscar chances and total box office tally.
Starting at Sunday noon ET / 9am PT

If you're going to be waiting in line and want to participate, we recommend Twitter for text and Qik for video. If you have a twitter account already, message leesmovieinfo on twitter and we'll follow you for crowd reports.

The events will be hosted here using Cover It Live as seen below. The time listed is Eastern Daylight Time (UTC - 4 hours)
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