BOFC 2006 Note
By Staff of LMI     Published December 23, 2006
January 3 Update: All prizes won in 2006 should now be listed. Jan 16: Prizes ordered.
Dec. 25: preliminary season 22 results
Dec. 31: final results and all previous season prizes
Jan. 5, 2007: BOFC season 23 begins, but there will be no prizes other than to those won in 2006 or earlier

Jan 16: If you entered in a prize selection, it was ordered today. Please check your email or the prize list to confirm.

BOFC players,

Starting in 2007, we will begin reformulating Box Office Forecast Challenge. Effective at the end of Season 22, which ends on the weekend of December 29th, we will no longer award prizes. This will apply to top players of each season and the most accurate predictor of the highest open each month. BOFC, point scoring for challenges and seasons, will continue and we hope you will continue to enter each week.

During this transition, we will focus our efforts on improving reporting, scoring and scheduling. In addition, we want to clear the backlog of prizes from previous seasons and monthly DVD prizes.

NOTE: These changes will not affect any prizes you won in 2006 or earlier. If you won a prize in 2006 and have not claimed or received it, you can do so in 2007.

January 3, 2007: All prizes have been awarded. If you were awarded a prize or prizes, please claim it (them) by using this list and/or emailing. Please use the email that is listed under your LoginTicket account profile. We cannot accept a prize claim from an email address that does not match the email connected with your username.

January 4 Season prizes were not showing up for many users due to a bug in the page. That problem has been fixed.

Season 22 score list (now includes 33 scored challenges)

Updated monthly prize list

All prizes list includes all seasons up to 22 (the 21st was accidently numbered 22 and therefore there is no season "21").

Check back to this page for more information. Updates and FAQs will be added here.

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