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Knocked Up
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By Lee Tistaert     Published June 3, 2007
US Release: June 1, 2007

Directed by: Judd Apatow
Starring: Seth Rogen , Katherine Heigl , Paul Rudd , Alan Tudyk

R sexual content, drug use and language
Running Time: 129 minutes
Domestic Box Office: $148,734,225
5 of 150
This is a supreme guy movie with an onslaught of juvenile gags, but [it] also succeeds as a chick flick. It's an R-rated cult comedy and a crowd pleaser.
"Knocked Up" doesn't quite reach the surprise level of 40-Year-Old Virgin from last summer, but is in some ways smarter. The plot surrounds an unplanned pregnancy from a one-night-stand, and the makers do a very good job at taking the one-joke premise and fleshing it out for an entire two hours.

Writer/director Judd Apatow has said that he is trying to resurrect the R-rated comedy genre with witty and foul dialogue and raunchy substance. He achieved this with aplomb in 40-Year-Old Virgin, taking Steve Carell's sweet-natured character and surrounding him with extremely dirty characters. What made Virgin work as such a surprise is that you didn't really see it coming. Carell's supporting roles in Bruce Almighty and Anchorman were amusing but tame, and in 40-Year-Old Virgin, Apatow allowed him to climb out of his box.

"Knocked Up" is more expected in terms of what it delivers, and that took some of the shock value away for me in comparison. With Seth Rogen as the star and Apatow behind the writing, I was anticipating material that would just go for the gold. Knocked Up is very funny and the dialogue is very sharp and very crude as it takes countless pop-culture jabs. This is a supreme guy movie with an onslaught of juvenile gags, but "Knocked Up" also succeeds as a chick flick as well. It's an R-rated cult comedy and a crowd pleaser at the same time.

What makes "Knocked Up" smarter than many comedies is that it could've easily gone downhill at certain spots in the story. The writing doesn't go where many other writers might have taken the material. That's a good thing, as Apatow avoids as many clich?s as he can, and instead aims for realism.

Apatow has a low-key directing approach, cinematically, but many people won't care about that filmic aspect. He does very well as he allows the jokes and characters to shine. The performances are all good, even from the many supporting actors, an indication that Apatow knows what he's doing. He isn't afraid to take a minor role and allow that actor to steal the scene.

This year, good movies have been in serious demand. "Knocked Up" is already being proclaimed the best reviewed movie of the year thus far, a feat that 40-Year-Old Virgin accomplished last August. Judd Apatow is also a producer on the R-rated teen comedy, Super Bad, which opens in August and also features a few of the faces from "Knocked Up." He is hoping to resurrect this genre to give these movies some life, and he seems to be well on his way.
Lee's Grade: B
Ranked #5 of 150 between I Am Legend (#4) and 28 Weeks Later (#6) for 2007 movies.
Lee's Overall Grading: 3025 graded movies
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