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Nymphomaniac: Vol. I movie poster'Nymphomaniac: Vol. I' Movie Review (B+)
Nymphomaniac: Vol. I profile
US release date: March 21, 2014
Box Office: $763,000
Craig YounkinMarch 22, 2014
There is some terrific acting work being done here, first from Gainsbourg, and Skarsgard as the comforting therapeutic listener.
'Need for Speed' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinMarch 15, 2014
No one in this movie acts in any logical way and creating a plot thatís this slight and foreseeable, and then making it over two hours long as well, is ridiculous.
'Elaine Stritch' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinMarch 13, 2014
Shows what an outspoken, funny, and genuine person the actress going back decades really is.
'300: Rise of an Empire' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinMarch 7, 2014
The movie goes in and out, looking great but boring in most other areas.
'Pompeii' Movie Review (C-)Craig YounkinFebruary 25, 2014
Any good will the movie gains literally goes up with the volcano as poor special effects and what amounts to a bunch of extras and the three main characters running and screaming hardly makes the wait seem worth it.
'Labor Day' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
Itís really hard to take this thing seriously.
'That Awkward Moment' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
Itís billed as a comedy that wants to tell us exactly what guys are thinking, now if only the people in this movie seemed to be doing anything that resembles thinking we would be in business.
'RoboCop (2014)' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
Iím surprised to say this but as a second coming of 1987ís Robocop, this movie ainít that bad.
'About Last Night' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
About Last Night is unfortunately another 'love the playa, hate the game' type of situation.
'Winter's Tale' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
Winterís Tale is baffling, itís incoherent, itís laughable, and it makes two hours feel like a slow descent into madness.
'3 Days to Kill' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinFebruary 23, 2014
Kevin Costner has 3 Days to Kill but nobody seems to have told him that the script to this turd was dead already.
'I, Frankenstein' Movie Review (D)Craig YounkinFebruary 22, 2014
This movie just begs to be electrocuted, without the slightest threat of being reborn.
'Shadow Recruit' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinFebruary 22, 2014
Itís a serviceable thriller with a few good action scenes, great villain, decent hero, and enough clandestine spy stuff and hero/villain chess game to make for an entertaining night out.
'Ride Along' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinFebruary 22, 2014
Hartís manic energy and likability factor is an undeniable draw on par with Chris Tucker.
'Unknown' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinFebruary 20, 2011
Unknown is nothing ground-breaking but it's skillful, effective, and thrilling.
Fair Game movie posterMost Popular Article
'Fair Game' Movie Review (B-)
Fair Game profile
US release date: November 5, 2010
Box Office: $9,382,000
Craig YounkinNovember 8, 2010
Jez and John-Henry Butterworthís screenplay is more matter-of-fact timeline than emotionally charged drama. If you know the facts already, then there isnít much to engage.
'Due Date' Movie Review (C-)Craig YounkinNovember 8, 2010
If Todd Phillips wanted to pay tribute to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, then Due Date is about as forgettable and boring a job as any.
'I'm Still Here' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinSeptember 25, 2010
Itís a documentary yet itís fake, itís funny yet tragic, bizarre yet also very personal and therapeutic.
'Buried' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinSeptember 21, 2010
What makes this one particularly rich with suspense is that it all takes place within the condensed and claustrophobic space of a wooden box buried beneath the ground.
'Dinner for Schmucks' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinJuly 31, 2010
Director Jay Roach has the unenviable task of turning this into a sweet buddy comedy but in the end you just want Tim and Barry to get away from one another.
'Inception' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinJuly 25, 2010
Is it original and interesting? Sure. Is it a masterpiece? No.
'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJuly 15, 2010
Cage looks bored and restrained when he really should be doing his nutty best, while Barachelís nasally voice isnít enough to compensate for lack of laughs.
'Grown Ups' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinJune 23, 2010
Sandler always comes off nice and God knows Iíve grown up with the guy and have had my share of likes. But forgettable garbage like this ruins all his goodwill.
'Knight & Day' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinJune 21, 2010
Itís pleasant and entertaining but itís also another movie that doesnít try too hard.
'Cyrus' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinJune 11, 2010
Anybody who wants to see a touching comedy this summer should look no further than right here.
'The A-Team' Movie Review (D)Craig YounkinJune 11, 2010
From the hectic opening minutes, The A-Team is hardly a movie, itís a disaster of mind-numbing proportions.
'Clash of the Titans (2010)' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinApril 1, 2010
Delivers nothing in terms of thrills and washes out the color, making this a sad-looking sword and sandal epic.
'Train Your Dragon' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinMarch 25, 2010
The animation looks great, from the large, bushy-haired Vikings to the comically goofy looking dragons.
'Repo Men' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinMarch 18, 2010
The direction from Miguel Sapochnik shows its cracks, from the poor shifts from vicious action to playful comedy, to dragging it out way too long.
'She's Out of My League' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinMarch 12, 2010
A solid 7, a romantic comedy that scores a few good laughs and does a nice job of being convincing.
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