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The Man movie poster'The Man' Movie Review (D+)
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US release date: September 9, 2005
Box Office: $8,326,035
Scott SycamoreSeptember 16, 2005
It's so flat, so uninspired, and so off-key that it actually becomes thought provoking.
'Exorcism of Emily Rose' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreSeptember 13, 2005
This movie is vanilla blandness right down to the bone.
'Transporter 2' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreSeptember 10, 2005
This movie is just too ridiculous for its own good.
Broken Flowers movie posterMost Popular Article
'Broken Flowers' Movie Review (B-)
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US release date: August 5, 2005
Box Office: $13,736,078
Scott SycamoreSeptember 8, 2005
The overall vibe that it's going for is pulled off with aplomb.
'Constant Gardener' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreSeptember 5, 2005
Given its pedigree, this has got to be one of the more disappointing films of the year.
'The Cave' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreSeptember 3, 2005
The Cave delivers exactly what it promises in the trailers: a loud, ugly, and derivative experience.
'The Brothers Grimm' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreAugust 30, 2005
The whole movie just careens from one scene to another with no sense of coherence or transition.
'Red Eye' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreAugust 28, 2005
A conventional thriller with good elements that are outweighed by the roteness of the plot.
'Deuce Bigalow 2' Movie Review (B)Scott SycamoreAugust 26, 2005
The gags are so dumb, vulgar, and outrageous that it's almost like an instinctual reaction to laugh at them.
'The Skeleton Key' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreAugust 19, 2005
It gets the setting and tone right, but the frights are a whole different matter.
'Four Brothers' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreAugust 17, 2005
This movie builds up and then never reaches the level of excitement that it thinks it does.
'Sky High' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreAugust 11, 2005
Many will write it off as stupid and childish, but I saw it for exactly what it was and had a pretty good time as a result.
'Last Days' Movie Review (D)Scott SycamoreAugust 10, 2005
I've hardly been more bored with a movie in any theater, ever.
'Dukes of Hazzard' Movie Review (D+)Scott SycamoreAugust 10, 2005
A waste of time. It's a flick that's literally and figuratively just spinning its wheels.
'The Aristocrats' Movie Review (D+)Scott SycamoreAugust 5, 2005
There are a lot of damn comedians in this documentary, all telling this same open-ended joke. And they all look bad as a result of being in it.
'Chocolate Factory' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreAugust 4, 2005
Even though Burton still remains on top of the game in many ways, he has lost much of that "Hollywood Visionary" quality that permeated him years ago.
'Stealth' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreAugust 2, 2005
I expected a fun flick about deadly airplanes and that's what I got.
'Dark Water' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreAugust 2, 2005
This thing is worse than Ring Two; it is a colossal misfire that is sure to disappoint.
'The Island' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJuly 27, 2005
It's an improved work from Bay, but it still has that ringing thud of crass commercialism, and {it's} too long.
'The Devil's Rejects' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJuly 26, 2005
Zombie is obviously trying for an ultimate cult movie experience, but it plays as a mediocre attempt at that niche rather than a true classic of its kind.
'Hustle & Flow' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJuly 21, 2005
While I was taken in by some of the things presented in this film, the total experience was just not that riveting.
'Wedding Crashers' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreJuly 21, 2005
Both of these guys have serious charm and they almost make the movie work in spite of all the mediocrity that surrounds and engulfs them.
'Fantastic Four' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreJuly 11, 2005
The whole enterprise couldn?t be described as anything other than weightless and cheesy.
'War of the Worlds' Movie Review (B)Scott SycamoreJuly 2, 2005
What we really came for is the spectacle and War of the Worlds delivers stupendously.
'Land of the Dead' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreJuly 1, 2005
It's not masterful work, but it's clear that George {Romero} has an easy command of this kind of material that possibly no other director would.
'The Deal' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreJune 27, 2005
Part of the problem is that it's just too insider: we hear a lot of chatter that means something to the characters but doesn't mean much to us.
'Batman Begins' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreJune 17, 2005
The plot points are well executed but they feel less than fresh; there's nothing greatly original about these proceedings.
'The 40 Year Old Virgin' Movie Review (B+)Scott SycamoreJune 14, 2005
This is one of my favorite comedies of the last few years and is the funniest movie that I've seen so far in 2005.
'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreJune 13, 2005
Although the movie delivers on a few elements, the overall experience is very disappointing.
'Saving Face' Movie Review (B)Scott SycamoreMay 29, 2005
There's a true loving sense to it that eclipses most other shallow movie romances.
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