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Layer Cake movie poster'Layer Cake' Movie Review (C+)
Layer Cake profile
US release date: May 13, 2005
Box Office: $2,338,695
Scott SycamoreMay 26, 2005
A flat dialogue-fest with nothing you can really sink your teeth into.
'Exorcist Prequel' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreMay 24, 2005
This movie is beyond disappointing; it is a complete joke.
'Bewitched' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreMay 24, 2005
The thought of watching an actual sitcom never seemed so appetizing.
'Revenge of the Sith' Movie Review (B)Scott SycamoreMay 21, 2005
It is true that this is the best film of the prequel series, but that is not saying much.
'Unleashed' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreMay 18, 2005
The problem is that {the actors} are in the service of a script that is less than well thought-out.
'House of Wax' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreMay 9, 2005
Has some of the most gruesome and memorable murder scenes in recent horror memory.
'The Great Raid' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreMay 9, 2005
The Great Raid is not only worse than any good World War II film, but it is worse than most films period.
'Kingdom of Heaven' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreMay 6, 2005
Kingdom of Heaven ranks as the first big disappointment of the summer season.
'Enron' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreMay 3, 2005
Descriptions of financial shenanigans do not make for a compelling motion picture, even if the story is important to the nation's well being.
'XXX2' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreMay 2, 2005
There is some decent action, although I'm sure you have gathered that it is more unrealistic than the usual fare.
'The Amityville Horror' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreApril 29, 2005
Yes, it's a cheesy, classless piece of trash-cinema, but it's fun.
'House of D' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreApril 22, 2005
Tries a little too hard and falls a little too flat, and just wasn't my cup of tea.
Crash movie posterMost Popular Article
'Crash' Movie Review (A-)
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US release date: May 6, 2005
Box Office: $54,557,348
Scott SycamoreApril 16, 2005
This is a fantastic film that hooked me every step of the way.
'Sin City' Movie Review (A)Scott SycamoreApril 12, 2005
This is both a work of art and a perfect movie for the video-game generation.
'The Interpreter' Movie Review (B-)Scott SycamoreApril 8, 2005
The more you understand politics, the more you might enjoy this film.
'Old Boy' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreMarch 30, 2005
It ultimately leaves a glaring wake of disappointment.
'The Ring 2' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreMarch 23, 2005
A sequel that proves why sequels should rarely be made.
'Thing About My Folks' Movie Review (C-)Scott SycamoreMarch 22, 2005
It's as if {Paul} Reiser read the "Chicken Soup" collection and used that wisdom as the inspiration for this screenplay.
'Be Cool' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreMarch 12, 2005
This is one of those movies that starts sucking from the first minute of screen time and never lets up.
'Melinda & Melinda' Movie Review (C+)Scott SycamoreMarch 8, 2005
Unfortunately this is not the next big score that some people are expecting.
'Mad Hot Ballroom' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreFebruary 25, 2005
This documentary has a very weak cinematic sensibility.
'The Upside of Anger' Movie Review (B)Scott SycamoreFebruary 22, 2005
The comedy bits are quite funny, and the dramatic turns are played without forcing excess emotion.
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