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Mr. Brooks movie poster'Mr. Brooks' Movie Review (C+)
Mr. Brooks profile
US release date: June 1, 2007
Box Office: $28,476,219
Lee TistaertJune 2, 2007
The writing is decent in the first hour, but Brooks turns silly and far-fetched in the second half.
'Pirates...Caribbean 3' Movie Review (C+)Lee TistaertMay 25, 2007
There are good things wrapped up in this production, but they are weighed down by too many dead beats and a story that asks us to care more than it?s cinematically possible for a blockbuster.
'Shrek 3' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertMay 18, 2007
With their PG rating, the makers push as far as they can. Some might complain that certain gags go too far, but I found that to be quite a relief.
'28 Weeks Later' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertMay 14, 2007
Imagine my surprise when this film delivered exactly what I didn't expect.
'Aqua Teen' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertMay 6, 2007
Aqua Teen isn?t as funny as South Park, but it at least takes a chance in that direction of foul-mouthed comedy.
'Spider-Man 3' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMay 5, 2007
I could not believe how corny this movie was.
'Grind House' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertApril 6, 2007
Grindhouse is a long piece that has its charms and surprises, but it does outstay its welcome.
'Fracture' Movie Review (C-)Lee TistaertMarch 30, 2007
Fracture is on the level of a straight-to-cable thriller; the setup is cheap, and the cinematography, lighting, and makeup are all accentuated just for good looks.
'Reign Over Me' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 15, 2007
Reign Over Me preaches about loneliness and tragedy, and then spends even more time making sure we understood everything.
'Flags of Our Fathers' Movie Review (C+)Lee TistaertOctober 20, 2006
Flags of Our Fathers almost works as a battlefield war picture, but too much time is spent on sentimental storytelling.
'Zodiac' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertOctober 16, 2006
Zodiac ends up being more of a conventional detective thriller, but certain stretches save [it] from being average.
'The Departed' Movie Review (B)Lee TistaertOctober 7, 2006
It's kind of hard for me to come down on Scorcese, but this time the auteur has gone too Hollywood for my taste.
'School for Scoundrels' Movie Review (C+)Lee TistaertSeptember 15, 2006
School for Scoundrels probably would've been an average comedy in anyone else?s hands, but Phillips and Armstrong took more of an elegant approach, which makes this a surprisingly decent movie.
'Idiocracy' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertSeptember 11, 2006
There was potential for a really funny movie in here, but it was also something that could?ve easily turned into a disaster.
'Crank' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertSeptember 3, 2006
Scores points for not taking itself too seriously, but it still takes a specific sensibility to enjoy.
'Beerfest' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertAugust 31, 2006
While it?s not as dull as Dukes of Hazzard, Beerfest is so loud and silly that it?s just as unbearable to watch.
'Half Nelson' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertAugust 31, 2006
The film is very short on character development, and nothing really happens until the second hour.
'An Inconvenient Truth' Movie Review (C-)Lee TistaertJune 8, 2006
This feature just doesn?t have any cinematic value; it?s not entertaining, and Gore relies so much on his abundance of data to draw us in that the material just isn?t gripping at all.
'Akeelah and the Bee' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertApril 30, 2006
Preachy...predictable (to a certain extent) yes, the film is a bit of all three, but it is handled with enough context to keep it from being exhaustingly so.
'United 93' Movie Review (B+)Lee TistaertApril 27, 2006
One of the most realistic and haunting films I?ve seen.
'Lucky Number Slevin' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertApril 9, 2006
It's a rather pointless experience when you look back, but a classic example of what can happen when the right talent comes aboard.
'Lonesome Jim' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertApril 4, 2006
This is an awful screenplay in need of massive re-writes, saved by two actors who make the most out of dull and absolutely clich? characters.
Borat movie posterMost Popular Article
'Borat' Movie Review (B+)
Borat profile
US release date: November 3, 2006
Box Office: $128,505,958
Lee TistaertMarch 30, 2006
It?s hard to imagine that this year will deliver a funnier, edgier comedy.
'Inside Man' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 18, 2006
Absolutely ordinary...This is a very by-the-numbers crime thriller in which Denzel Washington plays a hostage negotiator.
'Thank You for Smoking' Movie Review (B)Lee TistaertMarch 16, 2006
Thank You for Smoking doesn?t go as far as it could in terms of edgy material, but is still a nicely-done intellectual comedy.
'Ask the Dust' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 12, 2006
Just picture Colin Farrell trying to be Jack Nicholson without any political intrigue and without a plot to run on; you?ve got yourself Robert Towne?s latest.
'A Scanner Darkly' Movie Review (B-)Lee TistaertFebruary 27, 2006
The film works terrifically on a technical level, but unfortunately there?s the sense that Linklater could be giving these actors more to do.
'Night Watch' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertFebruary 19, 2006
Some have labeled this film as a total mind job, but it?s a mind job in the worst of ways; you?re never quite sure what's going on, who people are, or what the purpose of this story.
'Cache' Movie Review (B)Lee TistaertFebruary 9, 2006
To call this film a ?thriller? is almost misleading; it?s a quiet mystery. Most of its impact comes indirectly through what is not shown, which creates quite a punch.
'Date Movie' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertFebruary 5, 2006
Date Movie is supposed to be a diversion from the crap that Hollywood produces in romantic comedies, but ultimately {it} ends up being even worse than the movies it spoofs.
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