This schedule of December movie soundtracks is in development.
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TitleAudio SampleTrailer
December 1 Thursday
soundtrackChoppertownView Tracklistingview trailer view
December 6 Tuesday
soundtrackJarheadView Tracklisting
December 13 Tuesday
soundtrackAeon FluxView Tracklisting
soundtrackBorn Into BrothelsView Tracklisting
soundtrackChronicles of NarniaView Tracklistingview trailer view
soundtrackHoodwinkedView Tracklistingview trailer view
soundtrackInside Deep ThroatView Tracklistingview trailer view
soundtrackOne Two ThreeView Tracklisting
soundtrackRepriseView Tracklisting
soundtrackSyrianaView Tracklisting
December 20 Tuesday
soundtrackMatch PointView Tracklisting
December 27 Tuesday
soundtrackMunichView Tracklisting
TitleAudio SampleTrailer