This schedule of January movie soundtracks is in development.
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TitleAudio SampleTrailer
January 1 Wednesday
soundtrackNorthforkView Tracklisting
January 6 Monday
soundtrackSweet SixteenView Tracklistingview trailer view
January 7 Tuesday
soundtrackNarcView Tracklisting
January 14 Tuesday
soundtrackChicagoView Tracklisting
soundtrackConfessions...View Tracklisting
soundtrackKangaroo JackView Tracklisting
January 28 Tuesday
soundtrackBiker BoyzView Tracklisting
soundtrackHow to Lose a GuyView Tracklisting
soundtrackPulse (IMAX)View Tracklisting
soundtrackTwo Weeks NoticeView Tracklisting
TitleAudio SampleTrailer