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Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie poster'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Movie Review (C+)
Amazing Spider-Man 2 profile
US release date: May 2, 2014
Box Office: $202,644,000
Scott SycamoreMay 21, 2014
The main problems with this film boil down to: a lack of extended quality action set pieces, as well as very murky character motivations.
'Godzilla (2014)' Movie Review (C)Scott SycamoreMay 16, 2014
'Godzilla (2014)' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMay 16, 2014
'The Double' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertMay 12, 2014
This film wants to be the best visceral experience of the year and practically nothing in it worked on me.
'Chef' Movie Review (C+)Lee TistaertMay 12, 2014
'Neighbors' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinMay 12, 2014
'The Double' Movie Review (A-)Craig YounkinMay 7, 2014
Ayoade lets the paranoia continue to seep into this thriller, but the psychology behind it keeps it identifiable.
'Draft Day' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinMay 5, 2014
Draft Day is a tepid drama, a nonsensical sports film, and above all, a desperate heart-tugger.
'Brick Mansions' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinMay 5, 2014
'Captain America 2' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinMay 5, 2014
'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinMay 5, 2014
'Dumb and Dumber To' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertApril 5, 2014
'Nymphomaniac: Vol. II' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinApril 2, 2014
It works as an art film and I can think of very few scenes in its four hour total that feel unnecessary.
'Bad Words' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinApril 2, 2014
'Noah' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinMarch 28, 2014
'Sabotage' Movie Review (C)Craig YounkinMarch 27, 2014
Tries to be a psychological thriller, tries to be sort of a western, tries to be a drug cartel thriller but hardly gets any of it right.
'Budapest Hotel' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinMarch 26, 2014
Anderson gives us chases, murder, prison escapes, and mystery here in what amounts to live-action cartoons doing their goofy best in a sorta-thriller.
'Divergent' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinMarch 23, 2014
Both painfully dull and perplexing, nothing about this movie works well.
'Muppets Most Wanted' Movie Review (B)Craig YounkinMarch 23, 2014
For the most part they hit a pretty close bulls-eye, if not a grand slam.
'Nymphomaniac: Vol. I' Movie Review (B+)Craig YounkinMarch 22, 2014
There is some terrific acting work being done here, first from Gainsbourg, and Skarsgard as the comforting therapeutic listener.
'Nymphomaniac: Vol. I' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 22, 2014
'Need for Speed' Movie Review (D+)Lee TistaertMarch 16, 2014
This is one of the worst movies of the year so far, and the sad part is, it had the potential to be just okay because of Paul.
'Need for Speed' Movie Review (D+)Craig YounkinMarch 15, 2014
'Veronica Mars' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 14, 2014
'Bad Words' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 13, 2014
For an R-rated comedy about a cruel rebel, the material is too safe and you just sit there sighing at the attempts.
'Elaine Stritch' Movie Review (B-)Craig YounkinMarch 13, 2014
Shows what an outspoken, funny, and genuine person the actress going back decades really is.
The Face of Love movie posterMost Popular Article
'The Face of Love' Movie Review (C)
The Face of Love profile
US release date: March 7, 2014
Lee TistaertMarch 9, 2014
'Budapest Hotel' Movie Review (C)Lee TistaertMarch 8, 2014
'300: Rise of an Empire' Movie Review (C+)Craig YounkinMarch 7, 2014
The movie goes in and out, looking great but boring in most other areas.
'Elaine Stritch' Movie Review (C+)Lee TistaertMarch 7, 2014
I ended up relatively happy that I took a chance with this because it was better than most of the films currently playing in theaters.
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