This is a schedule of April 2007 US theatrical releases.
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Movie TitleDistributorComparisons
April 4 Wednesday
Are We Done Yet?Revolutioncompare
Black BookSony Classics
Firehouse Dog20th Century Foxcompare
April 5 Thursday
The ReapingWarner Brotherscompare
April 6 FridayLee's Predictions Box Office
Cop, Criminal, ClownLonely Seal
DarattArtmattan Productions
Grind HouseWeinstein
Los MuertosFacets
The HoaxMiramax
The TV SetThinkFilm
Whole New ThingPicture This!
April 11 Wednesday
Rock the Bells
April 13 Friday Box Office
Aqua TeenFirst Look Internationalcompare
Dreaming LhasaFirst Run Features
Everything's...GreenFirst Independent Pictures
Lonely HeartsSamuel Goldwyn
Pathfinder20th Century Foxcompare
Perfect StrangerColumbiacompare
Private Fears in PublicIFC Films
Red RoadTartan USA
RedlineChicago Releasingcompare
Slow BurnLions Gatecompare
Year of the DogParamount Classics
April 18 Wednesday
Syndromes...a CenturyStrand Releasing
April 20 FridayLee's Predictions Box Office
Alice NeelSee Think Productions
FractureNew Linecompare
Hot FuzzRoguecompare
In the Land of WomenWarner Independent
Smiley FaceFirst Look
Stephanie DaleyRegent Releasing
The TripperAfter Dark Films
The ValetSony Classics
VacancyScreen Gemscompare
April 25 Wednesday
Triad ElectionTartan USA
April 27 FridayLee's Predictions Box Office
DiggersMagnolia Pictures
FakersIndican Pictures
JindabyneSony Classics
Kickin It Old SkoolYari Film Group
NextSony Picturescompare
Poison FriendsStrand Releasing
Sing Now or Forever...Strand Releasing
Snow CakeIFC Films
Something to Cheer...Truly Indie
Ta Ra Rum PumYash Raj Films
The CondemnedLions Gate
The InvisibleBuena Vista
Wind ChillSony Pictures
Movie TitleDistributorTrailer