This schedule of September Blu-Ray releases includes movies that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other releases are not included.
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Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
September 5 Tuesday
Blu-RayBlazing Saddles$119,500,000
Blu-RayFirewall$48,745,150view trailer view
Blu-RayLethal Weapon$65,207,000
September 19 Tuesday
Blu-RayA Knight's Tale$56,570,000
Blu-RayEight Below$81,593,527view trailer view
Blu-RayJay and Silent Bob$30,059,000
Blu-RayS.W.A.T.$116,750,000view trailer view
Blu-RayTears of the Sun$43,632,000
Blu-RayThe Big Hit$27,066,941
Blu-RayThe Great Raid$10,166,502view trailer view
Blu-RayThe War Within$73,789view trailer view
September 25 Monday
Blu-RayEnron$4,064,421view trailer view
Blu-RayOne Last Thing...$10,000view trailer view
September 26 Tuesday
Blu-RayBubble$145,382view trailer view
Blu-RayCorpse Bride$53,337,608view trailer view
Blu-RayHouse of Wax$32,048,809view trailer view
Blu-RayLethal Weapon 2$147,254,000
Blu-RaySpace Cowboys$90,454,000
Blu-RayThe Fugitive$183,753,000
Blu-RayThe Lake House$52,330,111view trailer view
Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer