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#TitlePredictedWeeklySites+/- Sites
1Anger Management$20.395-52%357019
3Bulletproof Monk$10.059NEW2955-
4Malibu's Most Wanted$9.849NEW2503-
5Phone Booth$5.011-34%2448-41
6What a Girl Wants$4.791-24%2930-34
7Bringing Down...$3.326-26%2284-546
8Chasing Papi$3.108NEW585-
9A Man Apart$2.715-39%2174-321
11A Mighty Wind$2.348NEW133-
Predicted Top 10: $72.3MTop 10 Last Year: $88.9MTop 10 Two Years Ago: $0M
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Lee's Accuracy: +/- 33.25%
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