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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
August 1 Tuesday
dvdRoving Mars$10,367,192view trailer view
dvdThe Shaggy Dog$61,123,569view trailer view
dvdTwo Lovers$3,127,140
dvdV for Vendetta$70,503,491view trailer view
August 3 Thursday
dvdMiss March$4,542,775
August 6 Sunday
August 8 Tuesday
dvdAdam & Steve$306,797
dvdBrick$2,075,743view trailer view
dvdCSA: Confederate...$661,564view trailer view
dvdDon't Come Knocking$438,732view trailer view
dvdGilles' Wife$30,138view trailer view
dvdInside Man$88,513,495view trailer view
dvdLarry the Cable Guy$15,655,665view trailer view
dvdNoah's Arc$482,638
dvdSorry, Haters$3,589view trailer view
dvdThe Hidden Blade$37,760
dvdThe Lost City$24,211,000view trailer view
dvdVoices of Iraq$57,102
August 14 Monday
dvdThe Class$3,758,677
August 15 Tuesday
dvdCape of Good Hope$25,325
dvdDon't Tell$27,105view trailer view
dvdHoot$8,117,637view trailer view
dvdRV$71,402,035view trailer view
dvdScary Movie 4$90,703,745view trailer view
dvdThe Lovely Bones$41,661,610
August 21 Monday
dvdKrrish$400,000view trailer view
August 22 Tuesday
dvdDouble Indemnity
dvdFilm Geek$17,178view trailer view
dvdJust My Luck$17,333,000view trailer view
dvdPhat Girlz$7,061,128view trailer view
dvdPoseidon$60,655,503view trailer view
dvdSilent Hill$47,000,000view trailer view
dvdSketches of Frank...$426,182view trailer view
dvdThe Conrad Boys$11,001view trailer view
dvdWhen Do We Eat?$423,073view trailer view
August 28 Monday
dvdKen Park
dvdLilja 4-ever$182,000
August 29 Tuesday
dvdAkeelah and the Bee$18,848,430view trailer view
dvdAmerican Gun$22,786view trailer view
dvdDuck Season$146,694view trailer view
dvdFriends with Money$13,367,101view trailer view
dvdHer Majesty$63,652view trailer view
dvdIron Island$20,787view trailer view
dvdKill Your Idols$7,753view trailer view
dvdLonesome Jim$154,187view trailer view
dvdLooking for Comedy...$887,416view trailer view
dvdMountain Patrol$131,343
dvdTake the Lead$34,814,000view trailer view
dvdThe Sentinel$36,280,697view trailer view
dvdThe Zodiac$44,785view trailer view
dvdWater$5,529,144view trailer view
dvdWhite Nights$42,161,000
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of August DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.