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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
February 1 Thursday
dvdDhoom 2$2,643,586
dvdKabul Express$302,458
February 6 Tuesday
dvdAfter Innocence$114,080
dvdBoynton Beach Club$3,127,472view trailer view
dvdCoastlines$7,883view trailer view
dvdFlags of Our Fathers$33,602,376view trailer view
dvdFlicka$21,000,147view trailer view
dvdGrudge 2$39,300,000view trailer view
dvdHeading South$896,923
dvdRiding Alone for...$250,061
dvdRunning with Scissors$6,860,000view trailer view
dvdThe Science of Sleep$4,670,644
dvdThe Warrior$48,160
dvdTrust the Man$1,530,535view trailer view
February 13 Tuesday
dvd13 Tzameti$121,390view trailer view
dvd50 Ways of Saying...$4,800
dvdCave of the Yellow Dog$141,803view trailer view
dvdHalf Nelson$2,697,938view trailer view
dvdInfamous$1,148,606view trailer view
dvdMutual Appreciationview trailer view
dvdSamoan Wedding$71,840
dvdShock to the System$4,000view trailer view
dvdSo Goes the Nation$10,241view trailer view
dvdThe Departed$133,311,000view trailer view
dvdThe Quiet$381,186view trailer view
dvdU.S. vs. John Lennon$1,102,937
dvdZoom$11,631,245view trailer view
February 20 Tuesday
dvdA Guide to Recognizing...$516,139
dvdAmerican Hardcore$279,665view trailer view
dvdBabel$34,300,771view trailer view
dvdCaptain Sabertooth$103,941
dvdCrossover$7,009,668view trailer view
dvdFlushed Away$64,488,856view trailer view
dvdFor Your Consideration$5,542,025view trailer view
dvdKeeping Mum$1,617,642view trailer view
dvdLunacy$47,957view trailer view
dvdMan of the Year$37,402,000view trailer view
dvdShut Up & Sing$1,175,434view trailer view
dvdThe Prestige$53,089,891view trailer view
dvdUp and Down$244,105view trailer view
dvdZerophilia$48,372view trailer view
February 27 Tuesday
dvdA Good Year$7,459,300view trailer view
dvdConversations with God$422,897view trailer view
dvdGoing Shopping$31,439view trailer view
dvdHarsh Times$3,337,931view trailer view
dvdStranger Than Fiction$40,435,190view trailer view
dvdTenacious D$8,264,724view trailer view
dvdThe Heart of the Game$438,921view trailer view
dvdThe Return$7,744,785view trailer view
dvdTideland$44,123view trailer view
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of February DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.