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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
March 5 Tuesday
dvdDude, Where's My Car?$46,729,000
dvdField of Dreams$64,432,000
dvdGrumpier Old Men$71,519,000
dvdHouse on Haunted Hill$40,846,000
dvdIndependence Day$306,169,268
dvdLawnmower Man$32,101,000
dvdMan on the Moon$34,580,635
dvdMars Attacks!$37,771,000
dvdPassenger 57$44,066,000
dvdPlanet Of The Apes$180,011,740
dvdThe Abyss$54,222,000
dvdThe Evil Dead$2,400,000view trailer view
dvdThe Jerk$72,600,000
March 12 Tuesday
dvdComing to America$128,152,000
dvdGeorge Washington$241,816
dvdKing Kong (1976)$52,600,000
dvdPrimal Fear$56,116,000
dvdRomeo + Juliet$46,351,000
dvdRunaway Bride$152,150,000
dvdSnake Eyes$55,591,000
dvdThe Truman Show$126,467,000
March 19 Tuesday
dvdSeems...Old Times$43,996,000
dvdTraining Day$76,632,000
dvdVertical Limit$69,244,000
March 26 Tuesday
dvdBells of St. Mary's$21,300,000
dvdIron Monkey$14,681,661
dvdOn the Line$4,400,000
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of March DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.