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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
August 3 Tuesday
dvd13 Going On 30$56,300,000view trailer view
dvdGarage Days$21,000view trailer view
dvdHidalgo$67,287,000view trailer view
dvdThe Reckoning$256,620view trailer view
August 10 Tuesday
dvdDorm Daze$56,000
dvdEnvy$12,970,000view trailer view
dvdGood bye, Lenin!$4,063,859view trailer view
dvdHum Tum$797,000
dvdJohnson Family...$31,203,718view trailer view
dvdKill Bill 2$66,372,000
dvdThe Prince & Me$28,166,000
August 17 Tuesday
dvdBlind Shaft$33,000
dvdBon Voyage$2,353,728
dvdConnie & Carla$8,054,280
dvdCurtain Call
dvdGodsend$14,335,000view trailer view
dvdMayor...Sunset Strip$257,315view trailer view
dvdMillennium Mambo$15,000
dvdMoto X Kids$2,000
dvdNew York Minute$14,018,000view trailer view
dvdSeeing Other People$87,923
dvdShowboy$34,646view trailer view
dvdTaking Lives$32,682,342view trailer view
August 24 Tuesday
dvdClifford's Movie$2,831,000
dvdElla Enchanted$22,914,000view trailer view
dvdGospel of John$4,068,000
dvdHighwaymen$367,000view trailer view
dvdI Vitelloni$115,263
dvdLaws of Attraction$17,848,000view trailer view
dvdOff the Lip$14,773view trailer view
dvdShaolin Soccer$488,872view trailer view
dvdTad Hamilton!$16,965,000
dvdThe Cat in the Hat$100,750,000view trailer view
dvdThe Girl Next Door$14,589,444
dvdTom Dowd$40,238
August 31 Tuesday
dvdOld Dogs$48,283,455
dvdSex, Lies...$10,721,000
dvdThe 24th Day$14,107
dvdThe Passion$370,773,867view trailer view
dvdTwisted$25,195,050view trailer view
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of August DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.