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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
December 1 Wednesday
dvdRana's Wedding$10,000
December 3 Friday
dvdThis Girl's Life
December 7 Tuesday
dvdDodgeball$114,324,072view trailer view
dvdElephant$1,257,000view trailer view
dvdGirl from Paris$157,000
dvdInfernal Affairs$89,594
dvdMaria Full of Grace$6,517,000
dvdMonsieur Shlomi$107,063
dvdSpice World$29,247,000
dvdThe Bourne Supremacy$176,049,130view trailer view
dvdWarriors of Heaven...$82,382
December 14 Tuesday
dvdAnything But Love$81,000
dvdCollateral$100,440,000view trailer view
dvdHiding & Seeking$51,091
dvdI, Robot$144,801,023view trailer view
dvdKitchen Stories$349,315
dvdMy Wife Maurice$3,723view trailer view
dvdPerfect Opposites$16,000view trailer view
dvdSilver Streak$51,079,000
dvdSo-Called Disaster$45,195
dvdThe Door in the Floor$3,836,000
dvdThe Princess Diaries 2$95,149,000
dvdTime of the Wolf$61,439view trailer view
dvdWe Don't Live...$2,037,545
December 21 Tuesday
dvdAnacondas$31,526,000view trailer view
dvdDanny Deckchair$159,279
dvdKing Arthur$51,877,963view trailer view
dvdManchurian Candidate$65,949,000view trailer view
dvdNapoleon Dynamite$44,540,956
dvdShaun of the Dead$24,540,000view trailer view
dvdSurviving Christmas$11,198,000view trailer view
dvdThunderbirds$6,768,000view trailer view
dvdTwo Brothers$18,948,000view trailer view
dvdYoung Black Stallion$6,750,406view trailer view
December 28 Tuesday
dvdAnchorman$84,137,000view trailer view
dvdBenji Returns$3,816,912view trailer view
dvdCode 46$197,000view trailer view
dvdGarden State$26,781,723
dvdGhost in the Shell 2$924,000
dvdIntimate Strangers$2,106,677
dvdLana's Rain$44,287view trailer view
dvdOpen Water$30,501,000
dvdResident Evil II$50,757,000view trailer view
dvdThe Intended$8,000
dvdTwilight Samurai$546,362
dvdWicker Park$12,831,000view trailer view
dvdWilbur Wants...$233,053view trailer view
dvdWimbledon$16,832,000view trailer view
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of December DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.