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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
August 2 Tuesday
dvdAlexander$34,293,771view trailer view
dvdBeautiful Boxer$133,920
dvdGuess Who$67,962,333view trailer view
dvdNaked Fame$29,128
dvdRider Named Death$2,438
dvdThe Downfall$5,501,940view trailer view
dvdThis Old Cub$268,911
August 9 Tuesday
dvdDallas 362$18,928view trailer view
dvdKung Fu Hustle$17,104,669view trailer view
dvdLook at Me$1,736,499view trailer view
dvdMerci Docteur Rey$19,590
dvdOff the Map$1,310,368view trailer view
dvdWinn-Dixie$32,645,546view trailer view
August 15 Monday
dvdThe Burial Society$21,079view trailer view
August 16 Tuesday
dvdGirl Play$8,441
dvdMan Who Copied$23,573
dvdSin City$74,098,862view trailer view
dvdThe Ballad of Jack & Rose$712,294view trailer view
dvdThe Brown Bunny$366,301
dvdThe Deal
dvdThe Wedding Date$31,585,300view trailer view
dvdTop Hat$1,782,000
August 23 Tuesday
dvdA Lot Like Love$21,835,784view trailer view
dvdBeauty Shop$36,433,000view trailer view
dvdDust to Glory$639,990view trailer view
dvdHome...Brave$4,874view trailer view
dvdLayer Cake$2,338,695view trailer view
dvdOld Boy$707,391view trailer view
dvdThe Ring 2$76,032,000view trailer view
August 30 Tuesday
dvdDeath of a Dynasty$41,382view trailer view
dvdJulie and Julia$94,125,426
dvdKontroll$235,364view trailer view
dvdMade Up$80,000
dvdMcLibel$3,195view trailer view
dvdMonster in Law$82,887,973view trailer view
dvdOng Bak$4,543,512view trailer view
dvdSahara$68,642,452view trailer view
dvdSchultze Gets...Blues$594,115view trailer view
dvdSex, Politics &...$22,770view trailer view
dvdVoices in Wartime$20,702
dvdWalk On Water$2,703,358view trailer view
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of August DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.