This schedule of April Blu-Ray releases includes movies that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other releases are not included.
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Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
April 1 Tuesday
Blu-RayAlvin & the Chipmunks$217,324,128view trailer view
Blu-RayBeer League$475,000
Blu-RayCoyote Ugly$60,786,000
Blu-RayHidalgo$67,287,000view trailer view
April 8 Tuesday
Blu-RaySharkwater$530,000view trailer view
Blu-RayThe 6th Day$34,604,000
Blu-RayWalk Hard$18,317,151view trailer view
April 15 Tuesday
Blu-RayAlien Vs. Predator$80,281,096view trailer view
Blu-RayBefore Devil Knows...$7,084,227
Blu-RayJuno$143,492,840view trailer view
April 22 Tuesday
Blu-RayOne Missed Call$26,876,529view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Orphanage$7,151,440view trailer view
April 29 Tuesday
Blu-Ray27 Dresses$76,806,312view trailer view
Blu-RayFirst Knight$37,361,412
Blu-RayThe Golden Compass$70,083,519view trailer view
Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer