This schedule of December Blu-Ray releases includes movies that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other releases are not included.
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Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
December 2 Tuesday
Blu-RayHome Alone$285,761,243
Blu-RayIraq in Fragments$166,242view trailer view
Blu-RayJingle All the Way$60,592,000
Blu-RayPrince Caspian$140,693,781view trailer view
Blu-RayStep Brothers$100,540,000view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Children of Men$35,327,768view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Longshots$11,511,323view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Messenger$14,726,317
Blu-RayThe Shawshank Redemption$28,341,000
Blu-RayThe X-Files$83,892,000
Blu-RayWanted$134,392,000view trailer view
Blu-RayX-Files 2$20,981,633view trailer view
December 9 Tuesday
Blu-RayDodgeball$114,324,072view trailer view
Blu-RayDumb & Dumber$125,464,000
Blu-RayHorton Hears a Who$154,444,322view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Dark Knight$533,184,219view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Mask$119,920,000
December 16 Tuesday
Blu-RayClick$137,340,146view trailer view
Blu-RayCoach Carter$67,253,092view trailer view
Blu-RayDeath Proof
Blu-RayHannibal Rising$27,669,725view trailer view
Blu-RayHot Rod$13,920,741view trailer view
Blu-RayIn the Name of the King$4,535,117
Blu-RayInto the Wild$18,352,454view trailer view
Blu-RayMamma Mia!$143,873,000view trailer view
Blu-RayOld School$75,150,000
Blu-RayThe Heartbreak Kid$36,771,343view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Mummy 3$102,483,000view trailer view
Blu-RayTommy Boy$32,700,000
Blu-RayWedding Crashers$209,218,368view trailer view
December 19 Friday
Blu-RayTraitor$23,530,831view trailer view
December 23 Tuesday
Blu-RayBurn After Reading$60,338,891view trailer view
Blu-RayDeath Race$36,064,910view trailer view
Blu-RayDeath Sentence$9,525,276view trailer view
Blu-RayFear and Loathing...$10,562,387
Blu-RayThe House Bunny$48,237,389view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Women$25,936,550view trailer view
December 27 Saturday
Blu-RayEagle Eye$101,111,837view trailer view
Blu-RayGhost Town$13,214,030
Blu-RayThe Duchess$13,823,741view trailer view
December 30 Tuesday
Blu-RayAn American Carol$7,001,720view trailer view
Blu-RayDays of Thunder$82,671,000
Blu-RayLast Holiday$38,500,000
Blu-RaySerenity$25,335,935view trailer view
Blu-RaySurfer, Dudeview trailer view
Blu-RayThe Truman Show$126,467,000
Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer