This schedule of January Blu-Ray releases includes movies that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other releases are not included.
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Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
January 5 Monday
Blu-RayThe Flock
January 6 Tuesday
Blu-RayBabylon A.D.$22,527,653view trailer view
Blu-RayBangkok Dangerous$15,279,680view trailer view
Blu-RayDisaster Movie$14,174,654
Blu-RayFriday Night Lights$61,188,085view trailer view
Blu-RayMiss Potter$2,978,905view trailer view
Blu-RayPineapple Express$87,341,380view trailer view
Blu-RayPing Pong Playa$77,827view trailer view
Blu-RayRighteous Kill$40,076,438
Blu-RaySuperhero!$25,871,834view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Hitcher$16,379,582view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Last Legion$5,932,060view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Wackness$2,077,046view trailer view
January 13 Tuesday
Blu-RayDeath at a Funeral (2007)$8,565,174view trailer view
Blu-RayGhost in the Shell 2$924,000
Blu-RayMirrors$30,691,439view trailer view
Blu-RayMy Best Friend$1,422,461
Blu-RayMy Best Friend's Girl$19,151,864view trailer view
Blu-RaySwing Vote$16,284,360view trailer view
January 20 Tuesday
Blu-Ray13 Going On 30$56,300,000view trailer view
Blu-RayAmusementview trailer view
Blu-RayAntwone Fisher$21,078,000
Blu-RayCenter Stage$17,174,870
Blu-RayFrench Connection$41,159,000
Blu-RayIgor$19,528,188view trailer view
Blu-RayKing Kong$218,051,260view trailer view
Blu-RayMax Payne$40,687,294
Blu-RayRepo!$140,244view trailer view
Blu-RaySaw V$56,729,973
Blu-RayThe Machinist$1,082,044view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Notebook$81,002,000view trailer view
January 27 Tuesday
Blu-RayAny Given Sunday$75,530,832
Blu-RayBlack Sheep$82,987
Blu-RayGroundhog Day$70,907,000
Blu-RayIn Bruges$7,757,130view trailer view
Blu-RayLakeview Terrace$39,263,506view trailer view
Blu-RayPride and Glory$15,709,385view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Bourne Identity$121,661,683
Blu-RayThe Bourne Supremacy$176,049,130view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Bourne Ultimatum$227,437,090view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Rocker$6,409,206view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Zodiac$44,785view trailer view
Blu-RayVicky Barcelona$23,213,577view trailer view
Blu-RayZodiac$33,080,084view trailer view
Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer