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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
September 1 Thursday
dvdAway We Go$9,358,424
September 6 Tuesday
dvd3-Iron$238,507view trailer view
dvdCrash$54,557,348view trailer view
dvdEd Wood$5,887,457
dvdFear and Trembling$122,092view trailer view
dvdLipstick & Dynamite$25,378view trailer view
dvdSave the Green Planet!view trailer view
dvdThe Holy Girl$304,124view trailer view
September 9 Friday
dvdNight of Henna$15,052view trailer view
September 13 Tuesday
dvdFever Pitch$42,071,069view trailer view
dvdGuide to the Galaxy$51,019,112view trailer view
dvdHead On$433,303
dvdIt's All About Love$2,582
dvdMadison$508,867view trailer view
dvdMilwaukee Minnesota$17,350
dvdNina's Tragedies$238,487view trailer view
dvdNobody Knows$683,575view trailer view
dvdPalindromes$553,368view trailer view
dvdReal Genius$13,000,000
dvdRock School$58,241view trailer view
dvdTwin Sisters$1,207
dvdWinter Solstice$319,228view trailer view
September 20 Tuesday
dvdBorn Into Brothels$3,410,863
dvdBrødre$374,492view trailer view
dvdCowards Bend...$22,940
dvdEthan Mao$9,265
dvdInside Deep Throat$9,042,463view trailer view
dvdIt's All Gone Pete Tong$120,620view trailer view
dvdMartin & Orloff$34,222
dvdMasculine-Feminine$196,712view trailer view
dvdMindhunters$4,476,235view trailer view
dvdModigliani$208,507view trailer view
dvdRobots$128,195,908view trailer view
dvdShark Boy & Lava Girl$39,177,541view trailer view
dvdSilent Waters$7,384
dvdThe Longest Yard$158,115,031view trailer view
dvdTurtles Can Fly$256,822
September 27 Tuesday
dvdGuerrilla:...Patty Hearst$101,439
dvdLords of Dogtown$11,008,432view trailer view
dvdMail Order Wife$62,387
dvdThe Tracker$54,274
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of September DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.