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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
September 2 Tuesday
dvdBefore I Forget$25,209view trailer view
dvdGenghis Khan$3,892
dvdLagerfeld Confidential$66,510
dvdMarried Life$1,504,668
dvdThe Genius Club
dvdThe Promotion$406,252view trailer view
dvdThe Sensation of Sight$23,457view trailer view
dvdWater Lilies$70,740
September 9 Tuesday
dvdBaby Mama$60,269,340view trailer view
dvdForbidden Kingdom$52,230,000
dvdKicking It$2,669
dvdSarah Landon and...$586,283
dvdTaxi to the Dark Side$274,306
dvdThe Fall$2,272,773
dvdThen She Found Me$3,734,540
September 16 Tuesday
dvd88 Minutes$16,930,884view trailer view
dvdBefore the Rains$1,029,190
dvdFinding Amanda$56,408view trailer view
dvdKabluey$82,380view trailer view
dvdLou Reed's Berlin$29,692view trailer view
dvdMadame de...$70,760
dvdMade of Honor$46,012,734view trailer view
dvdRighteous Kill$40,076,438
dvdSnow Angels$401,233view trailer view
dvdSpeed Racer$43,929,341view trailer view
dvdThe Love Guru$32,074,182view trailer view
dvdYoung at Heart$3,964,040
September 23 Tuesday
dvdMother of Tears$54,947view trailer view
dvdRun, Fat Boy, Run$5,998,971view trailer view
dvdSelf Medicated$98,830view trailer view
dvdSex and the City$152,595,674view trailer view
September 30 Tuesday
dvdBigger Stronger Faster$303,283view trailer view
dvdChapter 27$54,216
dvdForgetting Sarah Marshall$63,002,000view trailer view
dvdIron Man$318,298,180view trailer view
dvdKenny$10,312view trailer view
dvdLa Traviata at la Scala$198,938
dvdOSS 117: Cairo$303,328
dvdSo Much So Fast$7,047view trailer view
dvdThe Errand of Angels$195,184view trailer view
dvdThe Haunting in Connecticut$55,030,421
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of September DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.