This schedule of April Blu-Ray releases includes movies that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other releases are not included.
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Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
April 5 Sunday
Blu-RayBedtime Stories$109,993,847
April 7 Tuesday
Blu-RayAmerican History X$6,712,000
Blu-RayCollateral$100,440,000view trailer view
Blu-RayCollateral Damage$40,063,538
Blu-RayFinal Destination$53,331,000
Blu-RayJohn Q$71,026,935
Blu-RayNot Easily Broken$10,572,742
Blu-RayPoint of No Return$30,038,362
Blu-RayTaking Lives$32,682,342view trailer view
Blu-RayTango & Cash$63,409,000
Blu-RayThe Wedding Singer$80,224,000
Blu-RayYes Man$97,680,195
April 14 Tuesday
Blu-RayPride and Prejudice$38,019,000view trailer view
Blu-RayThe Last Kiss$11,614,790
Blu-RayUniversal Soldier 2$10,431,220
April 21 Tuesday
Blu-RayArctic Tale$833,308
Blu-RayThe Arrival
Blu-RayX2$214,949,694view trailer view
April 28 Tuesday
Blu-RayJCVD$470,691view trailer view
Blu-RayWhat Doesn't Kill You
Blu-Ray TitleBox Office TotalTrailer