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DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
November 2 Tuesday
dvdA Home at the End...$1,029,017
dvdAround...80 Days$24,004,000view trailer view
dvdDazed and Confused$7,993,039
dvdFacing Windows$542,000
dvdFast Times at Ridgemont High$27,092,880
dvdFestival Express$1,172,345
November 5 Friday
dvdShrek 2$437,212,000view trailer view
November 9 Tuesday
dvdBefore Sunset$5,793,000
dvdDay W/Out a Mexican$4,180,870view trailer view
dvdHarvie Krumpet
dvdHillside Strangler$3,565
dvdStepford Wives$59,476,000view trailer view
dvdThe Clearing$5,763,875
dvdThe Road to Love$1,301
dvdZatoichi$854,000view trailer view
November 16 Tuesday
dvdBob & Carol...$31,897,253
dvdElf$173,381,000view trailer view
dvdFoul Play$40,415,000
dvdHebrew Hammer$81,000
dvdI'll Sleep When...$358,804view trailer view
dvdPride & Prejudice$38,372,662
dvdSaddest Music...$669,128view trailer view
dvdThe Chronicles of Riddick$57,637,000view trailer view
dvdThe Iron Giant$23,159,305
November 18 Thursday
dvdConcert for George$131,000
November 23 Tuesday
dvdGypsy 83$29,367
dvdHalf-Blood Prince$301,956,980
dvdPrisoner of Azkaban$249,538,952view trailer view
dvdSecret Things$104,533
dvdSleepover$8,070,000view trailer view
dvdStrayed$482,000view trailer view
dvdThe Golden Age$32,712view trailer view
dvdThe Terminal$77,032,000view trailer view
dvdZhou Yu's Train$141,666
November 30 Tuesday
dvdBobby Jones$2,694,071view trailer view
dvdCrying Ladies$132,920
dvdHero$53,583,000view trailer view
dvdLuther$5,781,000view trailer view
dvdMy Flesh and Blood$40,000
dvdSister Helen$2,000
dvdSpider-Man 2$373,377,893view trailer view
DVD TitleBox Office TotalTrailer
This schedule of November DVD movies includes titles that opened in US theaters. TV shows and other DVDs are not included. For a list that includes non-movie DVDs, try Amazon's list.